Inescapable Cuteness

Just no way around it. Kittens are cute. So this post is devoted to the cuteness of kitty-ness!

cute kitties

one of my fav. shots!

In my personal opinion you can never have too much cuteness in your life … well at least a dose a day to help keep the blues away.

My kittens are

Cute, adorable and sweet.

Loving and friskily neat.

Never are spurious

but amazingly curious

Their adventures are always a treat!


Franky and Jonny as kittens (each video clip is only a little over a minute so enjoy as you can the cuteness of kittens, First videoΒ The wonder of being a kitten! (and yes I did make the pillow they are sleeping and playing on – just for them!)


Second video : Loving one another! (They were usually on my lap when I created with yarn!)


Third video: Life is an adventure!Β (They loved playing with the various yarn pots and baskets!)

And Sleeping in “Soft pots”. (This was supposed to have been a short clip about Loopweaving containers but as always Franky and Jonny were never far away.


To this day they will try to crawl into some of my creations but since Jonny weighs in at 30 lbs, and Franky at 25 lbs, it is hilarious to watch!

Kittens no longer but still much loved by me!

Franky and Jonny are kittens no longer but still much loved by me!


I hope you enjoyed the cuteness of kittens today, have a most excellent weekend! Have fun!

~ thank you,



47 thoughts on “Inescapable Cuteness

    • Hi Padmini, they were so young when I got them that they sort of thought I was their mommy. I had to bottle feed them for a few weeks. Since (at the time) I spent a lot of time working with yarn creating things (great creative therapy) they played with the yarn, the weaving hook, my containers, small balls made of yarn that I ended up making for them.

      They cuddle close, reaching out with their paws (claws detracted) to touch me. Both day and night, as they can, which can be a problem when I sit at the computer. If they can’t be next to me then they stay close to one another. Oh and they love the snow – Go figure! πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking about “my guys”!

  1. Awwwww…. my babies are all grown up now but every so often they’ll do something just like Franky and Jonny and my heart will melt all over again. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. There is just something about kittens that hit the “awwwww” button every time! I miss my orange tabby…he has been gone 2 years now. Of course, I was lucky to have him for 14 happy and loving years so I really shouldn’t complain. Thank you for this sweet post.

  3. These are great Penny. Franky and Johnnie are adorable as can be – and your craftswomanship is amazing… They are so lucky to have your creations to snuggle and play in too….. I envy the life of these guys!!! ~ so much love dearest beloved friend… Robyn

    • Hello dearest Robyn. Thank you. Yeah they are cutie pies aren’t they? Between the (at that time) tiny little kittens, loopweaving and two awesome sisters, I was able to struggle through an earlier difficult passage of time (loss of parents). I envy my cat’s lives too, actually. They are quite thoroughly spoiled! Sending much love to you bestest bud of mine.

    • Working with yarn was how I took myself out of myself (one of the troubled times in my life) when my cats were kittens, weaving and focusing on the curves of the weaves was soothing, (having cute little kittens around helped too of course). Can you get yourself a cute little kitten? I do recommend it, if it is possible for you to do so, of course, Len! Much love and affection to you, Penny πŸ™‚ xx

      • Oh Penny you are forcing me to admit a deep dark secret shhhh (I am allergic t cats) therefore I have to sweet dogs a purebred Beagle named Ginger and a rascally terrible twos min-pin/yorkie mix. they keep me sane. I looked up the weaving you do and discovered you on wikipedia as the inventor …I am truly in awe, you are so smart scares me to be your friend πŸ™‚ is it very hard on the hands and where would I get the tool needed?

        • For you my friend, and for a handful of others who wondered what happened to a Loopweaving website from 2008. Long story short, the illness and passing of my parents intruded and there was no heart left to keep pursuing Loopweaving at that time. And then of course what happened with my daughter and there you have it. Now the good part. The tool has been designed but not constructed. However an ordinary crochet hook works just fine, although my prototype does work better, I will be happy to put together a starter guide for you. Give me a few days for this okay Len? πŸ™‚ xx

          • Oh that would be wonderful thank you so much I feel the creative juices flowing but embrodiery is what I once did, now it is to tedious but I might be able to do this that is why I asked. thank you so much!!! ❀

            • She came close to dying from H1N1 and during her recovery process her husband was killed, leaving her a widow to finish her recovery still w/chronic pain and care for her children, and then, her house was almost taken from her. I wrote a story about it last fall. All are doing well now Len, this happened 3 years ago in May, but the recovery for the family took a long time. Especially the little ones.

              • Oh I am so sorry to hear this but recovery is a process and Iam glad to hear that is being done not sure what H1N1 is but I will look it up. I lost my first husband to an accident ..not something I like to think of to this day over 40 yrs ago. god bless my friend (((xx)))

    • Thanks Alastair, huge indeed, although when they crawl all over me in bed at night, they still think they are little kittens, makes for some interesting times (for me)! πŸ™‚

      • Haha I’ll bet. I know my Gogh tends to sleep on top of me (and I have a superking size bed) and that can make it awkward for sleeping. Although, I think with him, he is still after comfort from when he went missing for almost a year

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