Disfunctional functionality of modern life

(Having fun here so you might want to keep Google handy for this one!)

surrealism faces

The Juxaposition of Life

Tis a deluded labyrinth, this maze of entanglement.

Can one not be weary from frenetic confusion of inextricable bewilderment.

And the oh so sophisticated posing, a mere redefining refinement

Of a subtly delicate signification through a fogginess of madness.

Must we craft a disordered imbroglio, interpolating perturbations?

Which follows upon a pure mystification of pandemonium.

I sigh as the symptomatic symphonic disharmony

symbolizes the intricate involution of life.


Β The Surrealism of Surreal Reality


Thank you,

Penelope the Wise!

Golden glow

23 thoughts on “Disfunctional functionality of modern life

  1. Loved this Penny, really made me focus, something I think we all could benefit from more often. This certainly seems to sum up quite well (with some very colorful words!) the state of the world and the state of my mind quite often (lol).

  2. Right click, Search Google for ‘xx’ is really handy & a good friend of mine πŸ™‚
    I confess my bird brain had to read this a couple of times before it flowed in my head.
    You are laughing with me right? (Not at me) πŸ˜‰
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

      • Well, most people I’ve known can barely handle a newspaper (which is usually written at an 8th grade level), much less a dictionary and a thesaurus. And, I just don’t have the time to teach them how to use such books because it takes away from my writing!

        • All valid points, sadly! I understand. I think/imagine a matrix sometimes in my mind to see how many levels of interpretive meanings I can come up with (for my own fun) when I write (even fiction) and then I go back and try to pick the level I think the majority of people will “get”.

  3. Love the way the words stream to me in a frenetic way. I want to read it aloud but I’m in the library at the moment.

  4. Something we can all relate too, after thinking about this, it’s a wonder any of us indecisive people dare get out of bed in a morning. I love your big, shiny words, they make me rather ecstatic.

  5. AnElephantCant deny he’s confused here
    By Penny’s exquisitely woven piece of voodoo
    He tries to unscramble in vain
    The knots in his brain
    But he doesn’t even pronounce Google the same way that you do

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