A toast … to your health!

and the research of it all!



Here’s theΒ caveat! When I write about a nonfiction subject it is my opinion only. If I introduce anything to you that I perceive to be of potential and positive value, it is only an introduction and perhaps my thoughts on theresearch subject. I do have knowledge in several fields of endeavor, based on experience and education, but do not consider myself the definitive expert in any. Nor should you!!

Therefore take nothing for granted. If you find you are interested in anything on any subject that may be new to you – RESEARCH THIS FOR YOURSELF. Talk to an expert in the field of your interest. There is too much available data online today, some is not credible, some is a down right lie. And .. some is of great value. The purpose of research is to discover, on your own, to the best of your ability to do so, the true value of the thing you want to know more about. And when it comes to your health check with your doctor first before making any life altering changes!

Having said that, here’s to your health!

Live the day your in! (plan for tomorrow, but don’t bypass today because your too busy planning your future)!

antioxidantsMove – More and more professionals (in my opinion) are recognizing the dangers in the overuse of Statin (cholesterol reducing drugs). Exercise is an excellent and easy method to improve your cholestrol levels (here is one of those places for you to do your own research!)

Eat closer to nature (The more colorful the better for vitamins, minerals and – “phytonutrients”, yup go research the reasons why color is good in fruits and vegetables!) Also grain and natural sources of proteins. Definitely worth the research on each of these.

Always make time to share and give! Always – this is huge. Those who make a positive difference in the lives of others seem to live longer and are usually healthier and happier too!

Love and live life. Fill yourself up with the experience of it!

live life


So now a toast to your health … “Live long and Prosper!”


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23 thoughts on “A toast … to your health!

  1. I like the moniker “Blogga’ Momma” for you are definitely a caring loving mother to us all. You encourage, wipe our tears, cry with us laugh with us and teach us. Now if I could just get you to come over to do my laundry cook and clean you would be the perfect mom for me! πŸ™‚ Love you my dear friend neve change you are so very special!!

  2. The words of wisdom of Penny…words that need no further research… blogga Momma doesn’t sound right to me… your photo tells another story.. a wise woman..

  3. When I was doing my University course in web design and then in astronomy, my tutors in both of them said the same thing – “if you are searching online, make sure it is somewhere that knows what they are talking about”. I gained extra marks for showing that I had typed “Charles Babbage -wikipedia” which (as you know) means that all searches have no wiki links in them due to the fact that I could go into there and add something. I could change the date that Elvis died. As you say, there is far too much misinformation on the web.

    I believe you are a great fountain of knowledge and inspiration, so a toast to you Penny. (Our blog mother πŸ˜‰ )

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