The perfection of an imperfect love!

Once again the muse is needful of expression, her topic today – Love!


perfect love

True Love

Does it exist? Yes it does.

Does one know  when it happens? Yes, in the moment.

Will it last? Yes, if both work together!

Can it be true? Absolutely!

Will this one every know that one …

… perfect love?

If one believes – it will be so!


~ Penny L Howe, 2013


21 thoughts on “The perfection of an imperfect love!

  1. Oh it exists, I am married to a saint that I keep falling in love with over and over through the years. some days I want to choke him but I still believe we have an amazing love even stronger than in the beginning. Of course it helps that I love antiques and he is one! lol

  2. Perfect love exists… in an imperfect world and that gives us the fuel to carry on. A wonderful post to see in my inbox this morning. Thanks Penny! Have a great week… a peaceful Easter!

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