There is a spiritual nature in all of us

… whether we admit it or not. For most, spirituality is based on our particular faith or belief system specific to cultural values.


For some it is that which we don’t understand but still feel the need to believe.

There are those of us who believe we are here by accident. A quirk (or the quark of it all – you science buffs) of nature. As we are each on our own journey, none of us have the answers, not really.


My video offering today is just a reminder for all of us, to be interpreted in a manner that drives home the fact that expecting things to “happen” in life without some effort on your part will make life more difficult, and to be grateful for that which you do have. But mostly to love and give with all your heart!



Happy Holidays! May your weekend be filled with joy and happiness for you and your family,

all my love to you                                                                                                                                        ~ Penny


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30 thoughts on “There is a spiritual nature in all of us

  1. One needs to give and love with all their heart… even if it isn’t returned… it is a gift that should be freely given without condition or limitation. I believe it is our purpose here and our contribution to humanity as a whole and a prerequisite to continuing one’s journey to the next state of ‘being’ for our spirits. This giving shifts the energy of our universe and our existence in positive ways…. I think…. I hope… I believe.

    • Thank you Roxi for your beautiful words. I agree with you. As always you say things so exquisitely and express your thoughts so very well. I hope and believe these things too, my dear friend! 🙂 xx

  2. I believe that we are here for a reason. We each have a destiny. Whether that destiny is just to show people that they can be loved, whether it is spend your life as a hermit tending animals. Or making films for others to watch and enjoy, or even writing inspirational blogs. Everybody has their own reason for being here.

    An excellent post Penny

    • Thank you Alastair for your insightful thoughts. We may well be preprogrammed (destiny) and even hardwired to do or be (genetics) in certain ways. Our reason for being here – the why about this (lol), the big unanswered question, at least for us mortals! Here’s something fascinating to ponder Alastair, from a psychic perspective, what if our “sixth sense” is what orchestrates these permutations in our nature or in others. And from whence does this come? (interesting thought isn’t it my friend!)

          • I suppose our sixth sense comes from how we were brought up. How it is “grown” and nurtured. Everything we do leads us towards something and our sixth sense, our internal direction finder leads us to where we need to be at any particular time so that we do exactly what we are supposed to. If we think we are supposed to do it, and then decide not to, it is because there is a reason we are supposed not to – other than making that choice.

            Our conscious choice is just that – but each choice has repercussions that are supposed to happen whether they be insanely good – from jumping out of a plane and a parachute not opening but landing somewhere and only breaking a leg; to being in the place where an earthquake kills thousands and not surviving. We had to be there at that time for a reason, our sixth sense told us to.

            That’s my thoughts on it anyway

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