Why do I care

When I first started my blog last year I wrote a brief post called “Why do I care” I’m revisiting these words today!

mother bird


The answer is simple. I care because I just do. In some innate way I feel that as one being residing on a planet filled with other living things it is my right and responsibility to care about all things that impact me, mine, and ours. That includes every living thing out there, everywhere. All the rest is about what and how I care to make things happen, that may improve our lot in life.

I try to give it my best shot. Some days I do really well in the caring department. Other days not so well. But each day is a new day to do a better job in the caring arena, and so it goes. To me, caring is akin to being human. To reach out and make a difference, in a quiet way or in a loud way … in any way at all!

At least I’d like to think so!

~ Penny


38 thoughts on “Why do I care

  1. Penny, you are amazing. One of my most fav things about you, is that you care. I’m glad you decided to re-visit these words. I don’t think you have it in you to not care. You are too kind and loving for that. And, because your wonderful soul shines so bright, it makes us want to care even more too. xoxo

  2. My problem in the past is that I always cared too much – even about people who didn’t give a damn about me. Then, I finally learned to care about myself first and then, worry about the people who are closest to me.

    • Hi Alejandro. I agree we should always take of ourselves first, our loved ones second, but then reach inside (and this is the real toughie) and try to care a little bit more about the rest. Yes I do understand about having your emotional underbelly cut open, as I’ve experienced this a few times and really just want to tell the world to go ….(substitute appropriate expletives here)! The thing of it is the heart grows when we try to care a little more in spite of are own hurts. At least those are my thoughts on the subject, my friend!

  3. This is lovely Penny and you care beautifully. I’m so interested in how people get to be who they are. I wondered if you had a model for ‘caring’ in your childhood or if it was more ‘innate’ as you mention? You know curious little me (the why about this…!!) xx πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ruth. My model in life would be life itself and each of the people I’ve connected to/with and viewed from afar, since I was a child. Each learning experience adding to the next. About the innate part. I think the “need to care” is in each and every one of us, the catalyst to bring it out in the open, specific to each individual and their life experiences. For some it never emerges, others it begins very young. Just my own personal thoughts on that subject, you curious little ol’ you! lol, I love curious people btw! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. What an attitude! Consider staying within the boundary of the things you can affect and leave the stuff outside of your influence/control for others. I am fully qualified to offer you the best of Irish luck for your journey.

    • Just went there and read Bulldog, was unable to comment on your reblog of the interview but I did comment on hers. Outstanding Interview! Excellent. This interview is a great additional marketing tool for your company to use. The questions asked, your answers are valuable to any potential customer of yours.

      Because the interview is given from a third person perspective it is not seen so much as “selling” to prospective purchasers as it is providing valuable information about you (your background) and your product, all while having fun on the golf course. Consequently they are apt to pay more attention to the “facts” you present (saving time and money). Just simply excellent, my friend – well done, Penny

  5. And you are doing a fantastic job my friend.. I so appreciate and admire you – and consider you one of the living angels who live here on planet earth. I agree with you on your philosophy too (as usual) — what is a better reason for living? It’s always about love I think ~ and you do it so well.
    Huge Hugs and lots of love and admiration always ~ R

    • Hello vbbb (very bestest blogging buddy – I keep thinking up new acronyms for us, can’t help myself here lol), Thank you, ditto to you Robyn. A big ditto my friend. I am in receipt of your hugs and love and am returning same in full measure to you, yes definitely always ~ you are loved by me, Penny

  6. You need never question yourself as far as that goes Penny. I know not a single person on this planet that cares more that you do about the welfare of another human being, animal or any living thing for that matter. I for one, love you for it.

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