Everyday Brave

Some days! We all have them. Everything seems hard. Harder than hard. Not doable.

Know that deep down inside each of us is a spark of bravery we can latch onto. It’s in there. Really it is. Sometimes we need to speak with a friend, a loved one, perhaps a blogging pal in order to find the thing needed to be “everyday brave“! For some its thinking on the reasons to be brave.

And sometimes we just need a special reminder of how lucky we are, that we are not alone and that we are loved. Hold on, hang in there and believe this is true. Feel the love. You are not alone. Today’s reminder:


(Kindle subscribers click the following link to hear/viewΒ Peter Hollens singing “Brave”)

Two singers I greatly admire and enjoy are Josh Groban and Peter Hollens. Josh released this song on his new album in February. Peter is singing his rendition of the song “Brave” in today’s video. Both are outstanding musicians.

Peter Hollens (a rising star in the music industry) records from his studio in Eugene, Oregon (YAY – U of O, go – Ducks), His amazing music isΒ a cappella. There are no instruments accompanying him, only his voice. Click on their names to subscribe to either or both of them. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny


27 thoughts on “Everyday Brave

  1. I wear hearing aids (digression) and think that lightly bearded/moustachioed men always enunciate with precision and clarity. This must be an illusion caused by the hair around their mouths yet I always hear them better. It couldn’t the the science so how come it tricks me into hearing them better than others? Just musing…thank you for listening to random thoughts inside my head.

    • Mike, just so you know, I find musings and random ponderings absolutely wonderful. The flotsam of our brains taking wings to ethereal thoughts of fancy. Sometimes great discoveries come out of such thoughts. Scientifically speaking, could be acoustics, vibrations from the many hairs that surround the orifice of the mouth. Just my own thoughts on this! I enjoyed listening to the thoughts inside your head.

  2. Go Ducks! Big duckies fan here… u should see my truck… got all kinds of U of O stuff on it…. although I will miss Chip Kelly…. (pout)

    Win The Day!

    ….weird… I keep forgetting we’re neighbors you and I … LOL

  3. I do like that. he is very skilled at the acapulco .. that’s not right .. a cappella πŸ˜† silly sod me. Shows my lack of brain cells when you have already written it. Anyway, yes .. sometimes we do need to do something to be brave. I know I felt a huge amount of bravery when I asked someone out for a date the other day and then freaked at what I had done πŸ˜†

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