Challenging the writer you will become

penNo doubt about it, some very unlikely people become the most amazing writers. For each of them, during the process of learning, there is a large amount of practicing going on. I think we all know that practicing is the best way to improve any skill.

Online, there are many wonderful opportunities offering aspiring authors the ability to improve their craft. Many are specific writing challenges, each for the purpose of assisting a writer to improve and develop their writing style and skill. There are two that I currently take part in. Friday Fictioneers hosted weekly by the charming Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Līgo Haibun Challenge hosted by the clever Yerpirate. For more information on the rules and procedures for taking part in either one of these excellent challenges click on their links. I do encourage you to do so.

This week, the prompt for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is the following photo supplied by Nightlake, a very talented writer herself, you should check out her written words on her blog site, if you are not already familiar with her!



The Landscape of Life

The rolling hills, sparsely settled. Homes thinly dispersed or scattered. “Didn’t matter”, he thought, shifting his shoulders, adjusting the strap on his backpack as he paused to take in the final view of his home. The only home he’d ever known. The one he was leaving today.

There’d be no climbing the hill tonight, no feeling warm temperatures of the day giving way to cool night air breezes. No looking at a sky filled with more stars than he could count. From early on he had climbed this hill every night, laying on the ground, gazing up at the great multitude of stars wishing to be more than he was, go out into the larger world. Become a part of something bigger. Maybe even travel to the stars one day. It had seemed so out of reach then, like the stars.

Different today, even though he knew the thick green grass would still feel good under his back. He missed his mother. She had been so beautiful. Everyone in the community had loved her, even the village pets. She made time for even the lowest of the low. It was her way. And she had made time for him when no one else did.

But now, time for him to find his own way.

tomorrow is past

destiny lies before us

the landscape of life


night sky


Thank you,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

21 thoughts on “Challenging the writer you will become

  1. AnElephantCant tell you how wonderful this is.
    Not only is your story beautifully written, touchingly describing a fleeting moment in a life, but you capture the essence of haibun perfectly.

  2. Everybody has a story. I look at the current crop of television programs and movies and wonder why they’re either rehashing old stuff or assuming the audience is composed of a bunch of narrow-minded morons. If TV and film producers would look outside their little realm, they’d find writers who are extremely talented and have some fresh ideas. I often tell people to look around at their own lives; they might find something intriguing to write about.

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