The amazing and true value of blogging ~ for YOU!

Why are you blogging?

why do you blog

Why did you take the time to learn how to set up your own blog site, either on Word Press, or somewhere else? After a few (okay lots more than a few) trial and error learning skills, what were your topics (the subjects you wrote/illustrated/photographed) about when you first started posting? And why? You know, the purpose.

connectingAs you think on that, ask yourself why you visit other blog sites. Why you take the time to read the content being presented and in many cases “like”, comment, reblog, twitter, share on facebook, and use other various forms of multimedia to pass along what you’ve just viewed. Why?

Each of us has a reason for why we do a thing. Especially if it’s a sustained time consuming thing. Most times we start something for one reason and end up doing it for some other reason all together.

So as you think on the questions I’ve asked – here’s a few finally ones. What do you personally get out of the blogging experience? Is it fulfilling to you? Does it make a positive difference? Does it make everyday a learning experience? Are you meeting new online people,sharing making new online friends? Are you sharing with each other?

My personal thoughts on “the why about this subject”: There are billions of real people out there on this planet of ours. They are just like you and I. They want/need to be interactive, grow, learn new things, reach out, share a talent, sell a product, inspire, motivate, make a difference – BE CONNECTED!

The thing is we are all human so we want and need each other. Anything that brings us closer, furthers us along … on the ultimate goal. The one we head towards on the road being traveled – our individual journey through life:

To believe in oneself.

For others to believe in us.

To make a difference and become more than we are today.

Love others and be loved.


“To me the blogging experience provides a positive connection to help us achieve our goals!”

Penny L Howe

Have a most  excellent week ~ Penny

Penny L Howe

44 thoughts on “The amazing and true value of blogging ~ for YOU!

  1. AnElephantCant help pondering these questions
    So here’s an answer that he thinks is true
    He writes all these posts
    To exorcise some old ghosts
    And he likes to see what other folk think too
    Including you!

  2. You know.. you do sometimes put my mind into a lower gear to think about your posts… like this one has me now pondering the answers to the questions you pose… I will really have to think this one through as it started as a way of storing photos and memories for my kids.. and has now just become so much more, to the extent that it is habit forming…

  3. Blogging is a humbling experience for me… to find friends who are more accomplished than me, and humbler… A wonderful post, Penny and I love your illustrations. They are ALWAYS so spot on, and so NEW! Hugs! Have a great week, you too!

    • Thank you. Each day I am renewed and filled with a love of all people. Blogging strengthens my vision, and humbles my being as I see the true value of so many others in the world today, exactly like you, my friend. Thank you for being the caring and loving person that you are. xx

  4. Boomie introduced me to this world of blogging almost a year ago.
    I blog because I love to learn & I love to share. Lots of great people keep me coming back for more…

    • Yay boomie! I am so glad you do and that I found the two of you here in blogland. My life is richer and fuller for knowing both of you, Just wanted you to know that RoSy! My secret next door neighbor! 🙂 xo

  5. loved this post and enjoyed the thoughts you shared and your perspective is quite awesome! Thank you for sharing the post and your gifts, I have to say there are many reasons I blog and most of them are for sharing the positive and inspirational message we all wish to share. You share some very positive and inspirational thoughts and wisdom. Thanks! 🙂

  6. I started out blogging because I wanted to get back into writing and thought it would be a good way to make myself write things regularly, and also because I had heard all that stuff about needing to have an online presence, but I never realised what a wonderful and supportive community I would find myself in. It is the interactions with the other bloggers, both on my blog and on theirs that I love the most and that keeps me inspired and motivated with it.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments Vanessa.They are so true. In some ways it’s easier to have an online presence and share than it is in the offline everyday world today. At least from a motivational perspective, also it is so much fun to make new friends that live in different parts of the world. Here’s to us, all of us bloggers, may we live long and prosper! 🙂

        • I agree Vanessa. Do you think we have more sensitive natures, or just more naturally retiring. I’ve always been curious about artists (which of course includes writers) and their natural reticence towards being outgoing.

            • I just read your piece and the comments Vanessa. Your ending was perfect. We are more comfortable communicating with the written word and the many comments you received from such a wide variety of writers prove the truth of this. Well written! I think you and I are a little alike. I can rise to the occasion (when required) but “being out there” in person, is not something I’ve ever enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your work! 🙂

  7. you have captured the essence of blogging I feel….
    connecting through a fingertip touch, rippling out on cosmic waves…
    Great post to begin the week of thinking….
    Thank you for always sharing your positive energy …
    Take Care…..

    • Your words are compelling …rippling out on cosmic waves …, thank you, I love sharing and the positive energy I’m lucky enough to send gets stronger with that which I receive in return. You take care of you also, Penny xx

  8. I started blogging in 2004. I was with Blogspot then (Google blogger as it is now) I started it because a friend was blogging. I did it as a way of communicating with him and a couple of other people how my life was going. After a while, I needed to change because I couldn’t access my friends blog through Google. Eventually ending up on WordPress.

    I originally started to keep them informed, and then I wanted to share with the world – but the world didn’t want to share with me. Now though, I read other people’s blogs as I enjoy reading what they have written. I get inspiration, I learn things, I enjoy it. And that is the main thing – I enjoy it. The moment I no longer enjoy it, is the moment I know I have to stop. I never want it to become a chore, and I like receiving feedback on my photos, poetry. fiction. I know I get slammed on some of the things I do, some people figure I am not allowed my own opinion, but they are the minority. The majority are decent people. I have made some very good friends, and I have made one particular friend that I can only describe as an exceptionally special person.

    Blogging has also given me some confidence to sign up with a couple of dating sites too 🙂

  9. I’m pleased to say that I am still blogging for exactly the same purpose as that which got me going in the first place. My goals remain the same, to raise awareness for the pro-life animal shelters and to get people thinking about the possibility of adopting their next best friend. I love this blogging world of ours and, each day, it brings both thoughtfulness and laughter to my life.

    • I love this blogging world also for the same reasons. I’d also like to personally thank you for the cause you care so valiantly for, and all that you do to further positive changes. Thank you for being you, it is an honor to be counted as a friend of yours.

  10. I think it’s exciting to connect with people online to learn something, or travel with someone, or be inspired by someone, anytime, anywhere.

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