This post brought to you by the color Brown!

The deeply rich or mellow color of brown. Brown is one of the textures of our life! From the time we can crawl and get muddy to climbing the brown trunks of trees. One of the shades of our hair and eyes. Drinking the brews of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, all brown! So I now present to you one of the significant colors in our lives.


brown bird

Brown feathers of a bird – so lovely!


beautiful brown eyes

Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!


chocolate cake



the brown door

The brown door!



Flowing mellow shades of color!


textures and shades

the textures of earth!


wonderful dirt

Dirt, the perfect playmate!


so many browns

So many different browns, glorious!


wild animal

Simply beautifully brown!



Cup of tea, anyone?



He’s gorgeous!



Nature’s seeds


I’m sure you’ll agree brown is one of the main colors of our life. I hope you enjoyed the photo’s!



39 thoughts on “This post brought to you by the color Brown!

  1. This is a color I gravitate towards and wear often. You have chosen some wonderful photos to represent this warm color. It is still the prevalent color here in Ohio, but green and the beautiful colors of spring bulbs are finally beginning to emerge. Once we get beyond some of our initial pressing projects here, I hope to get back to blogging. Right now the projects fill our days. We are two tired pups at the end of the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend Penny.

    • Hi LuAnn, I am so happy to hear from you. Glad to know the two of you made it there safely and are settling in. Don’t let yourselves be overwhelmed, my very special friend, remember to take each day at a time.

      Good, glad spring is peaking around the corner for you. I miss you, (sounds silly, considering we’ve never met) but I am anxious to hear all about … well everything there … your new world, how it’s going, so just as you get a chance LuAnn. and please … take care of you, πŸ™‚ xx

      • Thanks so much Penny. We knew there would be lots to do when we first got here but there is much more than we anticipated. We are taking it one day at a time and hopefully, soon, I will find time to begin posting again. For now, I am trying to catch up with the rest of the blogging posts I enjoy.

  2. The photos you selected do this ubiquitous hue great justice. Fortunately you have not depicted a gentleman’s suit – which allows me to compliment this article for two reasons instead of one. Well done Penny.

  3. love the brown represented here, there is a classic Waylon Jennings tune called “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” always been one of my favs. And that little boy with the dirt …now that is where I want my brown to be on the hands of a child feeling Gods good earth and using his senses and imagination!

  4. AnElephantCant claim he’s exciting
    In fact there are few bloggers duller
    He is not what you think
    He’s really grey and not pink
    He now sees even brown is a beautifully significant colour

  5. β™«Brown girl in the ring, tra-la-la-la
    β™ͺThere’s a brown girl in the ring traaaa-la-la-la
    β™«She looks like a sugar in a plum.

    The colour brown is one of the best colours. It can be insanely dirty or the most beautiful shade possible. Although dark green and navy blue are my favourite colours, I do love brown

  6. The photos are just outstanding… I can’t even select one that I like more than the others… maybe the child with the diry hands.. ’cause that’s how I like to be… gives one a good reason to take a shower and you know you’re not wasting water…

    • Thank you. Hi Toni I am most happy to share. There is an online repository of free photos at You are allowed to copy, distribute, and adapt the work. Attribution is not required. The photo’s can not be used in a stand alone manner but be a part of a theme, blog, promotion etc.

      This photo morgue is provided by, another wonderful place to find photos and illustrations, however there is a fee to use the photos from the dreamstime location. I use both. Hope this is of value, thanks for stopping by Penny

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