Friday Fictioneers – Fantasmagorical Machinado!

Welcome to this weeks Friday Fictioneers a well conceived and creative writer’s challenge.

For more information, click on the link. Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields, “hostest with the mostest” explains how you too can be a part of this fun opportunity of improving your writing skills: The photo prompt (all rights reserved, please respect) from Sandra Crook follows, enjoy:



Fantasmagorical Machinado!

Come, take a ride on me. Created with a master crafter’s precision and skill from another place and time, I’m honed to a burnished beauty of possibilities and imagined realities. I can give you what you want and … I promise to give you the ride of your life.

I can do that, you know. Yes I can. Teleport backward and forward through time and space. Scientifically speaking, I’m an artificial intelligence. Far beyond that, I am pure magic and know what you’re thinking, feeling … what you need. Trust me, believe in me. I can take you there, deep into the farthest reaches of your imagination and beyond. Come …


~ thanks for stopping by to read,


Penny L Howe

79 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Fantasmagorical Machinado!

  1. I really am glad to have found Friday Fictoneers. Keeping up with reading what others write is as fun as writing a piece.

    Magic is always a tad scary, but usually…it all works out for a really fun adventure!

  2. Hi Penny
    I would like to place an order for one of your Machinados please. I really enjoyed this story, so magical, so many places to go..
    Well done
    Dee x

  3. I’d like to think that I’m a pretty adventurous gal. Yet because the machine is so persuasive I think I’d probably run the other way screaming witch craft. Of course I’d regret ever taking the ride. Great story. I wonder what happens to the person who actually has the nerve to take the ride?

  4. I think people should be careful about taking the bike seriously about its invitation. It sounded just that bit wheedling to be sincere. Nice story, obviously.

    • According to “Fantasma”, (shortened from the whole name) It always end precisely when, where and how the way you want it to! And thank you for your comment, very much appreciated!

  5. I thought a machinado was drink I could buy at Starbucks.

    Your words flowed in such a sensuous lilt that made me feel less of a time travel and more of Bolero by Ravel. MMMMMMmmmmm.

    The ride of my life


  6. It really did lend itself to your story – there is indeed something magical about it. When you examine the picture closely, there are so many things it could be; so many things it could do. But, lol, there goes my time travel idea. Time for plan B 😀

  7. That would be an awesome toy. I would love to go forwards or backwards in time. However – only to watch without interacting. I suppose going back would be better. You can just sit and watch things. Going into the future allows you to alter things. I’m going too far into the physics of things now so I’ll stop LOL

    Great story Penny

    • Nah you can go into the future with no worries either, Alastair. (remember it’s magical) so it begins where physics leaves off. Actually since theoretical physics is also mind over matter (so to speak) very few of the basics (if any) of time travel are factually proven only mathematical theories, I don’t suppose there’s much difference anyway, theoretically speaking, my friend! 🙂

      • I think you’re right. I would love to go into the future to see how my kids will turn out 🙂 See grandchildren … great grandchildren. Hmm .. maybe the lottery numbers as well (I had to add that bit 😉 )

            • Considered one of the fathers of modern science fiction/fantasy along with Asimov (Like Asimov, Heinein was a prolific writer). Wrote during the same time period. Early on he wrote for teenagers mostly sci-fi magazines at that time, Then moved into the adult arena of sci-fi literature. He definitely was not only into all the things we’ve just been discussing, but had a very dry sense of humor and a great love of people and life. I recommend starting with his first book or shooting straight to the one called “time enough for love”. He won numerous awards for this book published in 1974.

              • Thanks Penny. I’ll see what I can find. I like Science Fiction. I have recently brought a couple of Greg Bear books that I used to have, so I like the “heavy” Sci-Fi too. Although when Bear starts talking about seeing hexadecimal stacks going along a singularity, I kind of lost it a bit. 😆

                • Greg is very good – a bit heavy, you’re right! Heinlein is a great story teller. You just fall in love with his characters and ideas. So he’s fun to read. But highly intelligent. Every one of his books has a moral to it, about society. Some plain to see, others hidden in the context. 🙂

                  • I brought Forge of God and Anvil of Stars. Both brilliant books, but I also really like Eon and Eternity.

                    I think you have to have already read some Science Fiction before reading his. I have never read Aasimov or Clarke though. Watching 2001 put me off reading any of his.

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