A blog a day keeps the ________!

Fill in the blank!


A blog a day keeps the creative juices flowing! For me!

Each time I write a post when I hit the publish button I feel a positive sense of personal accomplishment. Something that I started and completed. Something I’m proud of. Something I want to share with others. All the rest is a huge bonus. People visiting and commenting. Visiting other blogs and commenting, various interactions that happen as you build relationships. Each adding to the other.

But the posting itself. Putting together an article with information to share, writing a creative piece of fiction or nonfiction. Writing poetry. Sharing photographs that I or someone else has taken. Presenting an illustration that I or someone else has drawn. Expressing a viewpoint or concern. Celebrating an event. Passing on something new, entertaining or thought provoking.

Just so many creative places to go when writing a post to blog.

How about you? Why do you post? Have a blog? Write?

I’d like to know! Share please, thank you!

~ Penny

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57 thoughts on “A blog a day keeps the ________!

  1. What a fascinating discussion you inspired here! I’m sorry to hear of the ‘movement’ which chooses to ignore anyone who blogs every day. They miss a great deal! I blog to help me find beautiful things and, many readers tell me that my things help them to find the best in a day too.

    I was unaware of the differences between bloggers in the US and Europe – perhaps because I have found so many like-minded people out there and, at the same time so many who have taught me so much about their different lives and ways of thinking and from all over the world.

    I do agree though that getting to all the blogs I want to read can be a pressure and requires me to balance life and blogging! I like to reply to everyone who comments as that to me, is part of the whole blooging thing (typo but I quite like it!) – making connections around the globe.

    Thank you for this thoughtful and thought provoking post. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for commenting here Sally. I agree with all you say. I blog in the hopes of making a positive difference, even for just one person. And as you mention finding the balance to write, respond to those who comment (always a pleasure) visit their blog sites (also a pleasure) and live a life everyday is difficult. I fail mostly in the visiting department and continue to work on coming up with time to visit more than I do. Have an excellent week, and again thank you for taking the time (time is a precious thing) to comment! πŸ™‚

  2. Wish I could manage a blog a day. (Well except with the haiku, perhaps) But even with that I have to do a crash programme and hope that the electricity will not fail me πŸ™‚ I get so much joy and fulfillment from posting and visiting other blogs, though it can be tiresome. πŸ™‚

    • I hope that all gets squared away for you soonest, Celestine, (the electricity situation) It can be tiresome. Visit those you follow as you can (your comfort level here) we all understand time restraints, much less your current power problems! And as always take care of yourself. πŸ™‚

  3. I do enjoy creating my blog posts Penny but I couldn’t manage a blog a day! Talking of which, I may not be around for a couple for weeks – but will catch up with all your posts soon! Take care dear Penny, xx πŸ™‚

  4. A blog a day keeps the madness staved off for another day! Who else in my life woud enjoy listen to me ramble on about books and other such things that occur to moi? it is the sense of acheivemnt too, that was a spot on point, people enjoying my words or anyone’s words never gets old, I am still surprised when even my regulars stop by. A blog a day keeps me upto date with you!

  5. I started my blog for 2 reasons really. One I wanted to accomplish something on the computer by myself, without asking my teenagers how to do it. And second , it was the obvious choice. I was made an admin on a positive facebook site and I so enjoyed to post and spread happiness that I wanted to do my own. Hence my blog. Every time I post I feel also I have something accomplished and also I might have made some people happy or smile or even changed their way of thinking. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as some other bloggers as I am working full time and have a houshold with 2 teenagers. I do enjoy blogging so much I do look in every day and every comment or like makes my day even better. I love all you bloggers, I have met such warmth and love out there, I sometimes am overwhelmed by it. Big group hug to you all!

    • Ute, you amaze me. With your schedule (and there are several other women I know as well, who somehow manage to do it all and blog also – awesome!) it is inspirational to me that you still do have time to inspire through your blog posts. And just so you know. you do an excellent job at that Ute! Hugs and more hugs to you. I know your followers adore you, (as they should)! xx

  6. …keeps the heart beating strong and enhances my feeling of connectedness, universal spirit and simply, being alive!

    You always keep us pondering my wise friend ~ Love u beautiful Penny! x RL

  7. Good morning, dear Penny,
    I see it the other way round: A blog a day keeps creativity and visitors away. I just did write a post about it. I did a little research (as I have been a specialist for the theory of reception) about the frequency of blogging. Quite a lot of people find it much too much to have read every day a blog because they have more important work to do. As more you are blogging as fewer are the chances that folks will read your blog. On the other hand creativity needs time. With most of the bloggers I share the feeling that a high frequency of blogging means there isn`t much thought put into the blog. Well, it`s quantity instead of quality. You are welcome to read all the comments to this topic on my blog. Of course, I am European and I suppose we are more critical concerning consumerism and a blog a day is a kind of consumerism. Therefore there exist a movement don`t visit the “a blog a day bloggers” in Europe.
    Have a great day.
    Greetings from the sunny coast of North Norfolk
    Klausbernd πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much Klaus for your gracious comments.There is certainly truth in what you express. I am learning (as I blog and read other blogger posts from other countries) much about the variety and richness of culture and differing opinions from people who live in other lands.

      It is interesting that the person who commented just prior to your comment is a Scandinavian individual who lives in both Germany and England and voiced quite a different view (opinion) from your own.

      The movement you speak of doesn’t seem to include many of the bloggers I visit and who visit me from Europe, the Central and Far East, Africa, Australia, South America and so on. So once again it is fascinating how unique and individual each blogger is. Sort of an entity onto his or herself, making their own choices about how and when they wish to blog.

      Whether a blogging piece is long or short, I can hope it is of a quality that the reader can enjoy. Sometimes I would rather read several short, well written posts than one very long one that just rambles and never gets to the point.

      To me it does come down to once again the individual blogger and their choice in things. One of the wonderful things about blogging for you and I is we get to make our own personal choices. About who we visit and about what and how often we blog. There are no “controls”. Of course it does follow that some of the blogs we visit we may decide not visit again – for many of the valid reasons you mention. Thank you so much for taking your time (a precious commodity) to comment here.


      • Dear Penny,
        thank you very, very much to take your time for such a differentiated answer. I agree we all have our individual circles we are moving in. It probably has a lot to do with our different backgrounds. In my bloggoshere there quite a lot of bloggers I know from teaching at different universities in Europe and Canada. Most of These bloggers were researching about how texts are perceived (reception theory) and therefore this is a theme in our blogs. But a Canadian blogger made me aware about the difference of European and USamerican blogs in general. For the USamericans some European circles of bloggers seem to be quite elitist what I suppose we actually are.
        Anyway, you are right, we are all that different and the bloggosphere reflects the differences wihin the societies, of course.
        I wish you happy blogging and thanks again for answering

  8. Hi Penny!

    Well, we all have different reasons for blogging. I personally love to travel, read and do photography and have found a way of presenting it, sharing my work and read and get inspired by the great work of others. I want to be better than I was yesterday and visiting others help to improve my own skills and communicating with others on topics I find interesting is always stimulating. That’s the one thing.

    The other thing, blogging is time-consuming. “A blog a day”… there’s an interesting discussion about focusing and blogging on kbvollmarblog and somehow the phrase came up…
    “A blog a day keeps the reader away…” What do you and your readers think about the effect on the reader when you publish daily? What is your experience? How long do you blog? How often did you blog in the beginning? I’m constantly reevaluating the time factor, how do you solve this problem, repaying the visits? Be Norwegian, living in Germany and England, I find a distinct difference the between the european and the american way of blogging. I love to blog, I blog because I like it and I spend a lot of my time with blogging. But there are lot of others things that I love too! πŸ™‚ How do you solve this problem?

    Greetings from Cambridge

    • Hi Dina from Cambridge. Excellent comments, thank you. I blog for the same reasons you do. As far as the time spent blogging and visiting other blogs, I think it’s a sort of “figuring it out individually” type of thing.

      For me I just love being creative or learning something and wanting to pass it on (especially that which inspires). About visiting blogs, I enjoy visiting other bloggers and visit as I can, I comment when the post I’ve just viewed reaches me in some way and I want to let the blogger know this. Also to be supportive and more interactive with others out there in this great huge planet of ours!

      For me all of life is about balance, online and off. And always a challenge coming up with the right mix. Thank you again, so much, for sharing your thoughts here.

      Very appreciated by me, Penny πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for your kind thoughts, Penny. I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of posts from bloggers I really like to read, I have problems to keep up with them and eventually the pressure grows on me. My opinion is not that different from Klausbernd, I have expressed myself very clearly on his blog. Sorry I didn’t make my point quite a s clear here. πŸ™‚ The right mix, is the way to go – if not, the balance is missing. Thanks for the respond, Penny. Have a lovely day! ❀
        Dina, still in Cambridge, on the way to Norfolk πŸ™‚

        • My most sincere apologies, it is I who misunderstood, Dina, and both of you are correct about the prodigious amount of posts being blogged today. As a vociferous book reader much of my life, I am accustomed to reading quite a bit, having said that, I find that no one should feel a sense of pressure for not keeping up with all the various posts of bloggers you follow. As you say everyone should have a life too. Blogging just a part of it. I preview through the titles and contents of those I follow and occasionally like and comment on a particular post. They are accustomed to me “dropping by” checking in from time to time. And It is all I expect from those who follow me. To read, only as time allows, only that which might be of interest. Once again my apologies Dina, have an excellent day today! πŸ™‚

          Most sincerely,

  9. A blog a day keeps the mind intact. Also, bloggers form a much better community than social network sites. πŸ™‚ There’s more rationale behind words and imagination and creativity.

  10. Blogging is many things for me. I use it to keep track of my writing goals, open forums with other writers, pursue creative parades (30 stories in 30 days, or vocab, or blackout poems) and otherwise to reflect and make mischief πŸ™‚

  11. A blog a day keeps the grey matter pulsating πŸ™‚

    I blog to share the photos I have taken. To share my poetry, stories. To keep in touch with people that I would never have even thought of speaking to.

  12. I read the comments here and the thought that comes to my mind is as humans, how we all want to connect with others… all the time, in one form or the other, for any reason at all. It’s a beautiful feeling, to be a link in a chain that has no geographical boundaries.

    • I’m completely with you mj. It’s almost a yearning isn’t it? The desire for connectivity (the personal kind of interaction). And you’re right it is a beautiful feeling to love and be loved, no boundaries of any kind – any!

  13. why do i write/blog/create art? because so many amazing things happen in my life, and i love sharing with others; sometimes it’s a unique story, sometimes it’s updating the progress on a work of art, sometimes it’s because a photo challenge seemed too perfect to pass, or maybe there’s a unique food or – or – or –

    ah,i think that most bloggers see their cups more than half full – our cups runneth over, and we like to share our bounty!

  14. I started my blog because it’s part of my addiction therapy. But I write becauwse I have to write…I can’t imagine not writing! And my posts are often the only thing standing between me and falling of the recovery wagon. Blogging is helping me find my voice and setting me free from addictions!

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