An infant’s viewpoint on their tomorrows!

“What do you mean I’ll have to grow up and go OUT THERE?”



“Wait, what did she just say? Go out there? NO WAY!”



“Okay, I got the picture, I’m just going to hide my head and it will all be a bad dream!”



Very cute infants, and cute responses! But if they could speak, and think about their future – what it may be when they grow up – would they say anything different?

I am hopeful our thoughts turn toward the positive things we CAN do in life with others. I am determined to find good in every day, share and pass along.

Words like “fault”, “blame,” pointing fingers and saying mean things about other people does NOTHING good. Just the opposite, it promotes a negative accusatory attitude encouraging others to also react out of fear and hate.

Developing, within ourselves, an awareness and understanding about a situation and then reaching out –  making a positive difference, helps and heals both sides, always! This is the hopeful legacy we can pass on to our children.


Will he be big enough, one day to handle the legacy we are leaving him?


And I believe, we, as ONE people have the strength and determination to overcome most adversity that enters our lives … if we work together, enriched and supported by a love balanced life.

Just some thoughts to ponder today.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

21 thoughts on “An infant’s viewpoint on their tomorrows!

  1. Great thoughts Penny, as always. Wish more parents and caregivers could see that this positive view of life must be shared and encouraged early in life with our children.

  2. I remember when my youngest daughter was 5. She was sitting on her bed crying and when I asked what was wrong, she said she was worried about failing the HSC (final exams in senior high school here in Australia) at that stage she hadn’t even started school. I didn’t think she’d even heard the term HSC let alone know what it was 😦 She survived though, and is now a grade school teacher with four children of her own. We need to be so careful with what we say not only to our children, but in front of them as well. Their thinking is so literal and can get totally get the wrong idea.

  3. AnElephantCant help loving children
    He agrees that they need to be nurtured
    They are great bundles of fun
    But he couldn’t eat a whole one
    We have to take care of them and the future

  4. I think fault should refer only to something like the San Andreas Fault
    I think blame should be used to as a nice word for blaming someone for loving them.
    Pointing fingers should mean “YOU are my friend”
    Saying mean things should just not exist except as dirty words in the bedroom between lovers

    I try to teach my kids to be nice, and I feel I succeed. For the most part, they are good. Because of the disability in my family all the way up to my grandparents, my kids know what is right to say to people and what is wrong.

    Too many people don’t teach their kids this or they tell their kids it’s alright to be nasty to those less fortunate.

      • I think we are Penny. I think by giving thoughtful posts like yours, shows what kind of a parent you are by knowing what to teach your children and then your children teach their children and so on, hopefully spreading the word and changing the face of the way people are

Thank you for your thoughts!

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