Interesting stuff – The first spam email!

Every wondered when and how the email world started? Enjoy!



Wow, quite a difference today! Just amazing isn’t this! For more information about this years World Science Festival taking place May 29th to June 2nd, 2013. Click on link. Check it out, stay informed!


For kindle subscribers you can view this video online
at You Tube. Look up World Science Festival – first spam email!


Penny L Howe

14 thoughts on “Interesting stuff – The first spam email!

  1. My first job was as a sacker at a grocery store in the early 1980s. A guy who worked with me said he got the job because he wanted to save enough money to buy a computer. I thought that was such a goofy reason to work. He was a true geek type. Now, kids in grade school carry lap tops and I-phones! I didn’t get my first p.c. until March 2000, and it’s interesting to see how much that type of technology has evolved since then. A few months after I got that first computer, a friend asked me if it made my writing any easier. I told him it made the mechanics of it easier; the actual creative process was still challenging – as it always will be.

    • Very true Alejandro, in fact I still keep a pad handy to jot down thoughts that may come to mind, or to explore in written form an idea I have about an article. You are correct the technology does make the mechanics easier, the rest is as you say … challenging! Thank you.

  2. AnElephantCant help surprising you
    Perhaps even causing some consternation
    But a thousand years ago – or so
    You may be astonished to know
    He worked for Digital Equipment Corporation!

    Yep, a high-tech heffelump!

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