“The Shy Butterfly” is Published


The Shy Butterfly

The Shy Butterfly is published. Now available at Amazon.com. As I write this announcement there are tears running down my face. When I first wrote this story six years ago, the inspiration for the story (which I shared with him at the time) was Duane Brownlee. My daughter’s husband.

the brownlee familyA man endowed with an amazingly happy outlook on life and people. His, a gentle positive attitude about living each day to the fullest. This then was Duane. Three years ago on the weekend of his son’s tenth birthday, Duane was struck and killed by a drug using motorist, just several blocks from his home. I was there, a tragic traumatic event, his family’s lifeDad with children changed forever.

They’ve carried on. Filled with the memories of his loving and happy nature living within each of them.

This book is dedicated to Duane and all my monies received from the sale of the book go to this family for the now and future of their financial needs.

The book is about a shy butterfly afraid to come out of the shadows of a forest and live life in the sunshine. He meets a beautiful Monarch butterfly who encourages him to be brave and step out into the sunlight, to see what he’s been missing, to fully appreciate and enjoy his life.

Currently the book can be purchased and read on all kindle apps. I’ve discovered I like to view this story on my personal computer using kindle cloud. Any device that supports the kindle app will be able to view the wonderful colorful illustrations by Debbie Edwards as they read the words to the story. It is an uplifting story filled with all the positive reasons a child and an adult should brave the everyday challenges of life with a full heart and happy outgoing attitude.

illustration by debbie edwards

The book is available at all Amazon websites around the world. Thank you in advance for those of you who purchase this book.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

103 thoughts on ““The Shy Butterfly” is Published

  1. I have just seen, yesterday (or was it the day before…?), that the book is available and downloaded it immediately! I am so proud of you that you published your beautiful story, Penny, and am sending my heartfelt congratulations and lots of love!!!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy weekend! ❤

    • Thank you Stefanie. More than words can express here. I do appreciate your love and support (we all do!) There have been a few more ups and downs (of course) as the family moves forward (always our focus is on the well-being of the children and they are doing well). I have been requested to make it available in hardback book form so hopefully soon! Once again most sincere thanks, I wish you the very best weekend you can have, and hope you health has improved and that all is going very well for you! Much love, Penny xo

      • Ups and downs are a part of life – although the downs don’t feel great, of course. The art of life is to take those waves in ease and grace and I trust that you and your loved ones are doing that beautifully. Good to read that the kids are well and I hope that you and Christina are, too!

        A hardcover or paperback version of your book would be so wonderful! I am looking forward to find it at one of the online stores, one day!

        My health has improved, indeed – thank you for asking. Although I admit that the first half this year had it’s challenges on the physical side. 😉 Currently I am doing fine and am enjoying my summer break which I use to renovate, restructure, renew, recharge and to occasionally catch up with my “old” blogger friends!

        Sending you, once more, much love, too!

        • Never mind my repeat question of your well being Steffi as you are answering it here, lol! So very happy to hear you are doing well. Jack asks of you often (just so you know) and I’ll pass on that you are doing well. From all of us to you, also once more, all our love!

          • I, too, often think of you (= youse, like: all of you) even if I am not stopping by so regularly online. I just can’t spend too many hours sufing the internet. Nonetheless you have a place in my heart! Tell Jack that it lights up my day to know that he is thinking of me and that I am thinking just as much of him and each of you! 🙂

            • I understand perfectly Stefanie about the many hours surfing, and will most sincerely pass on your loving words to Jack! For whatever the reason, (as there were others who commented personally to him), you became special to him at a time when he was suffering so badly from the loss of his dad, I am most appreciative of your attention to him during this time dearest friend! And yes he is doing exceedingly well now, so no worries there!!!!!! 🙂

              • I knew that you understand, Penny, yet it is good to speak (write) the words and to hear (read) them. 🙂

                As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I was a highly sensitive child, too, just like Jack. Maybe he feels this and it gives him comfort…
                (Inspite of having a warm-hearted and loving family it can be good to know that others “out there” are on a similar track. 😉 )
                What ever it is, I am embracing it happily and open-hearted.

                It’s so great to hear that Jack is doing so well! Apart from the trauma that the sudden loss of a beloved one causes it must have been especially difficult for him. But as there is so much love in your family and the five of you have so much strength to stay open hearted I, in fact, have no worries that Jack and all of you will make their way.

                Thank you, too, for your friendship! It is very precious to me. 🙂

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  3. A beautiful tribute to Duane. Inspiring words, thoughts, and wonderful drawings. It’s a book that you want to read again and again. Thanks, Penny!

  4. Hi Penny, Many congratulations on your book! I’m thrilled to see your creativity take a form that more people can share. Also, knowing the terrible loss involved for all of you makes it so poignant. Keep on inspiring! I’m off to look for it now. Much love xx

    • Thank you Ruth. it looks (layout wise) pretty good on one of the kindle apps. Hopefully people will find this a rewarding read with a positive outlook on viewing life and all the wonderful things it has to offer. Also plan to have it available in book form by the fall, Again thank you so much for your support, dear friend, very much appreciated by me! 🙂 xx

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  6. I agree with Alastair, Penny, you are a genuine gift to so many of us! Your spirit renews us, refreshes us and your words lift us! Your sharing heart is a most treasured gift dear sister! I am blessed in my life to know a kindred sister such as yourself…your happiness is my happiness…congratulations! Blessings and love to you always!

  7. I have been out of town for the past few days and am now working to get caught up on blog posts. I have seen comments on others’ blogs about the Shy Butterfly, SteJ being the first to recommend this to me, based on a comment I had made on one of his posts. I have now downloaded it to my kindle and look forward to reading it. Your tender spirit never ceases to amaze me Penny. Much love to you and your family. I have no doubt this book will be a raging success. 🙂

    • Thanks so much LuAnn. I am pleased to have it out there to be read by others. The Shy Butterfly was self published. The one I’m currently working on is for adult women and will be shipped off to the publisher (who I hope is still anxiously waiting) soon. Nice to see you,Is all going well for you? Again most special thanks for dear friend of mine! 🙂

  8. Even though it’s a children’s book, I’d still like to read it. I’m saddened to learn of your son-in-law’s tragic demise, Penny. At the hands of an intoxicated driver, no less! No one ever gets over something like that. You just deal with it as best as possible and move forward. The story concept is rather unique, considering butterflies are such fragile creatures; the term “shy butterfly” seems almost redundant. But, I think it’ll make for a good read. Is there a print version? I don’t have a Kindle.

    • Hi Alejandro, Yes you are right, it took awhile but the family has moved on, in a good way. I hope to have the book out by the fall although its format is a kindle app. so it can be viewed from an ipad, personal computer, android phone, any device that supports this. Thank you for your caring thoughts. I did write it to be read to children but it is a message for adults too, about being brave in every day situations. Thank you very much.

    • Thank you Kenley, for both. A very hard time but we do celebrate his life now, The book a part of the celebration and a good way to move forward I think! Again sincere thanks from the family and myself. xx

  9. Penny, what a wonderful tribute! I remember when you posted about the accident. My heart went out to you and your family then and of course, it still does. Started promoting your book: Twitter, Scoop.it, Pinterest, LinkedIn, G+, Facebook (several places). Also scheduled for repeat posting via Hootsuite. Best wishes, Penny!

    Now, I have a favor to ask of you, my friend. Would you visit my interview and leave comments: http://romanticreviewramble.blogspot.com/2013/04/special-guest-historical-poetry-witer.html

    Hugs! 🙂

  10. Fantastic, it was such a lovely read, I am glad to have read it and be able to be a part of your literary career.. Just all round excellence and wonderability. Everything has coalesced to make a great tribute.

  11. Congratulations, my dear Penny! A beautiful story and for a very good cause too!
    I can imagine how hard it was to finish it, but I think that Duane is smiling now!
    much love, marina xxxxxx

    • Thank you Marina. Yes it was/is hard my friend. Harder than most will understand. And yes a very very good cause, if I can help secure the future education for the children it will be a most wonderful thing. But the message in the book is a true one for all. One Duane knew and understood. And I do certainly agree with you – Duane is most definitely smiling now. One of the many things he did amazingly well, on even the toughest days. All my love to you, Penny xo

  12. Hi Penny! It’s been a while seens I have posted a comment , but here I am:)
    What a beautiful and sad story behinde that book ❤ I'm going to buy it!!!!

  13. Hi Penny!
    What lovely, fantastic tribute to Duane, and a brilliant thing to do for Christina and her family.
    You know how much her story has touched me.
    I hope you don’t mind, I’ve reblogged this entry and also bought the book too 🙂

    The pictures in the book are great, and go perfectly with the words on the page, Debbie is a great artist, and the story is so touching and poignant, the last paragraph especially.
    Duane was right, far better to be a he than an it.

    I’m so glad you got this published, congratulations and well done Penny!
    All my love and best wishes to you all
    Nick xxx

    • Nick, I thank you with all my heart, as does Christina. Duane is/was the Monarch butterfly. It really was how he lived his life every single day. Thank you for your support and more during this past year. You made a wonderful difference to Christina, last year when she was starting to come out of her shell with her new blog ( a most loving and positive difference). So much love to you and your wife! Penny xo

  14. Reblogged this on Introspection and commented:
    In August 2012 I reblogged an entry from Reconstructing Christina called “ You said “, possibly one of the best things I have ever read.
    Click here to read – http://seadogssaltymusings.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/1907/

    Christina’s story, her loss, and her struggle to rebuild her and her families life reached out and touched me.
    Now Christina’s Mum, Penny, has published this book in Duane’s memory.

    As Penny says, all the monies she receives will go to Christina’s family for now and in the future.
    I’ve already bought it from Amazon, will you do the same ?

    For Christina and Duane and their lovely brilliant family xxx

    • Again my most sincere thanks Nick for this wonderful reblog and the wonderful compliments. Debbie’s illustrations do add a lot to the story and I am hopeful the book, with its uplifting message, find a receptive audience out there in this big world of ours. It is an important message. One Duane did understand. We are hoping the book will be in hardback form by the fall. And my personal hope is for it to become popular and provide funds that help provide for the security and future education of the children. Again from our hearts, all our love to you – Christina and Penny, xoxo

    • Thanks Sandra, we hope to have the hardback out by the fall. It is meant for all ages, although geared towards children. It is my hope that the popularity of the book grows and can provide the funds needed for the future education of the children, again thank you so much for your support, I appreciate you very much! Penny xx

  15. It looks beautiful and I am looking forward to reading it, I got a kindle app on my pad. I would like it as a hardback too, but it is not out as that. You are great Penny, and sending you best wishes and to your family. It is wonderful to dedicate this book to Duane, and I am sure your family is very proud of you. With love and a good hug! Ute

    • Thank you Ute. We hope to have the hardback out by this fall. Please let me know if you enjoyed the ebook. Thanks for your loving wishes for the family. Much love to you with hugs, Penny xo

  16. I was happy to help with this.. .it was a privilege… I’ve already bought my copy and I’ve mentioned it on Facebook too 🙂 I don’t get nearly as many readers on my blog as you Penny, but I’ll be happy to mention it there too 🙂

    Much love and best wishes to you, Christina and the family 🙂

  17. I can’t wait to see this. Will oder for sure tomorrow…. and get the ap for my I Pad ~ or maybe even on my I Mac desktop which is huge. This is soooo wonderful Penny — I’m thrilled for you, and know it will be a very special book. This post is extremely touching… and the dedication to Duane… well, there are no words. These photos got me very choked up… I can see the love and devotion, and knowing beautiful Christina — i can only imagine how the world turned upside down in the midst of this very very difficult loss.
    Duane must be looking down on the family now, from Heaven — and must be super joyful about this book creation Penny. So much Love and Hugs … will let you know when I read “The Shy Butterfly” too ~
    xo RL

    • Thank you dearest beloved friend of mine. It was hard to write this post today. He really was all that I said for so many, but most especially his family. Anyway, again most sincerest thanks to you Robyn, you are loved by myself and Christina so very much, Penny xo

    • I just read The Shy Butterfly ~ it was DELIGHTFUL! Truly the perfect book to read for anyone who is in that place of wondering what this life is really all about. It’s so perfect for children – of all ages – and can especially see the little ones loving it. The illustrations are precious and ideal for this all important- timeless story. You and Christina and the rest of the family should celebrate today– and I am hoping you are working to get it into a printed version as well – maybe right in time for the holidays?? – what an ideal stocking stuffer this would be. Congratulations dearest beloved… It seems to me that Duane embodied the spirit of this Monarch Butterfly- and taught his friends and family to love and live life to the fullest! Blessings and Love ~ my dearest friend ~ Robyn x

      • Thank you Robyn, so very much, for purchasing the ebook and your wonderful compliments. Our hope is to have the shy butterfly in printed form at least a month before Christmas, late fall would be even better (giving us time to really get the word out), just figuring it all out -how to make it happen. And yes Duane did embody the spirit of the Monarch Butterfly, every day he lived ~ all my love dearest friend, Penny xo

  18. Reblogged this on roxistclair.com and commented:
    I highly recommend this book to all my blogging friends. It was written by my very dear friend Penny and the proceeds are for a worthy cause to help a family out! C’mon guys, let’s sell some books 😉 huggggs!

  19. Bought it… and I don’t even have a kindle! LOL…. but it’s for a great and worthy cause. WTG Penny the author! 😉 ((((((((((((((((((Hugs to the Family))))))))))))))))))) xxxx

    • You sweetheart! What a wonderful thing to do. You can view it on your computer you know! (of course you do!) Thank you Roxi, so much love and gratitude to you! 🙂 hugs from all of us to you xoxoxo

  20. Ok – This is one I’ll definitely have to get. Let me go figure this out. I don’t have a Kindle. But – I know I can get a Kindle app for the iPad. Right? And – then I can view it from there. I’ll have the girls read it too. I will show them this post & tell them that YOU are the author 🙂
    RIP Duane
    Much love & hugs to you & your familia!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Yes RoSy that’ll do it! You sweetie you! Thank you for sharing it with your girls. I hope they enjoy it too! You’re the best! Darn tears anyway, thank you for your sincere words of love to the family my dear and very special friend! 🙂 xoxo

  21. Congratulations Penny! I remember reading an excerpt some time last year, it’s awesome to see it completed and published. I’m sure your book will bless many.

  22. Hi Penny,
    So sorry to hear about Dwayne, but it’s wonderful that you’re are celebrating his life with that of a butterfly. I love butterflies, and one of my muses is a butterfly–Matilda. I’ll pop on over and check out your new book. Congratulations. 🙂

  23. Penny! The book is a beautiful gift to the memory of Duane. Thank you for sharing that tragic story that touched your life in such a painful way. The phoenix rises from the ashes as does the butterfly emerge from the cocoon, and your book is one that will keep his memory alive.

    • Thank you Lyn. When Duane first read the story, way back then, I had made the shy butterfly an “It” he suggested I make it a male butterfly, so I changed it and made it so. Thank you also for your kind and thoughtful words!

    • Alastair, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of the love and support you give to this family. It is so very much appreciated by me and each and everyone of them. You are much loved, Penny xo

      • You and your family helped me out of some dark times Penny. I am more than happy to return the favour. I was reading all of the other comments, and the love and support for you, Christina and her family is overwhelming. I wanted to comment on a couple of the comments, but didn’t want to intrude.

        Had I not known you and read this book, I believe it too would have helped me out of that dark patch. It is a self help book that is so easy and joyful to read. The dedication to someone who was loved by so many and taken too soon is awesome, and the fact that he also helped with this book by giving the advice.

        Sometimes, Penny, you have to put your inspirational side away and just be so very proud of yourself.

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