Līgo Haībun Challenge – Peaceful Idyllic Vacation

This week’s writing challenge was a choice of two equally lovely photos, thank you, Nightlake. Difficult to choose from between the two of them. So I incorporated both in the following story. For more information on how you can also be a part of this writing challenge, click on this link  Līgo Haībun Challenge


photo1The beauty of the day was like no other. Soft soothing surf gliding across sandy shorelines; liquid sensation of motion and texture.

Waking to the rushing sounds of the ocean’s tide, Lily felt an overwhelming need to rise, explore her gorgeous surroundings. Beginning with the beautiful plants located just outside.

She stood on the patio her hand on the flowering plant, her gaze on the serene ocean. She shed a single tear, swiping it away with the back of her hand.

He had picked this very cabana, the one with the peace lily plants. He thought it a special touch, her namePeace lily being Lily. Now, although she admired the beauty of the plant, peaceful did not match her feelings.

What should have been an idyllic romantic getaway was the unfortunate reality of a vacation spent alone.

“That’s okay,” She decided. “These things happen!” Lily was glad she’d chosen to come anyway.  The change in plans weren’t his fault, his having to work.

The front door of the cabana opened. Hearing the laughter of his deep voice her heart sang with joy. Her decision to come now worth it. She wondered how he’d known?

She glanced affectionately at the peace lily and turned to greet him, her eyes filled with adoration and love.

He was not alone.


there is betrayal
it approaches so gently
one can’t be prepared


Thank you for stopping by, have a great day today!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

26 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge – Peaceful Idyllic Vacation

  1. ouch. that’s one surprising twist. i’m quite curious as to how everyone would react after such an encounter. ^^ it’s such a great haiku that can stand alone.

    • It could have gone the other way just as easy (he showing up alone because “she” had to work). Life does happen that way, some times, sad and hurtful but true! Thank you for your comments.

  2. I saw it as one of two ways. One was that she had cheated and he turned up with the person that she had cheated with. Two was that he went there to surprise him and he turned up with his .. person he was cheating on her with.

    Loved this story Penny. You do have a brilliant muse and your stories are always brilliant..

  3. Thank you Nightlake. The first hint is where she speaks of no vacation because he has told her he has to work, but she decides to come anyway and the final line where she sees he brought someone else. That was the betrayal. It was meant to be subtle. Perhaps too subtle. lol

  4. Thought that he was planning a surprise for her, but is there betrayal? A surprise ending and haiku. You’ve incorporated the two photos in a wonderful way. A lovely Haibun

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