The Why about number one!

The ‘one‘ number in our counting system we write about in a most creatively inventive style when it comes to who and how we feel about things!

number one.

Understandingly enough, the number “1” is the symbol we frequently use to express our state of emotions. We refer to  “the one and only” or a “singular individual”, or “you are number one in my book” These meanings when personalized can become ripe with the raw emoting from our very inventive imaginations. 

We view ourselves as singular. I am one person and you are one person. But we do tend to wrap our emotions around a theme of “oneness” in a very inward and selfish way too frequently. (we all do – without exception here.)

The word one, when it has to do with humanity is important. In my future world “one” will unify, encompass everyone, no exclusions. Time will then be better spent on solving the problems of one people, one planet and so on.

One can also refer to an individual feeling alone. Apart from the rest – lonely. A very sad place to be. And yet each of us have occasions where we live in the land of the lonely. Hopefully for only a short duration. Life is rich with the potential for each ‘one’ person to love many others and more importantly, themselves.



Hard not to go to an emotional place with that song, about the number one. In summation, numbers are a science to be utilized best by mathematicians, but mathematicians are people too, so I’m thinking emotions will always reign supreme in the whole scheme of things.

Make the number one, a wonderful one today – you and all those around you. Make one – count for something!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

17 thoughts on “The Why about number one!

  1. This is an awesome post. I feel stronger, as one. Just me, feels very empowering. Although sometimes I think about a potential romance in my life, I am always better of being single. I am stronger and happier in that way.

  2. Very thought provoking discussion Penny ~ you are right, haven’t thought much about this but “one” can be interpreted so many different ways ~ I am with you — our future world for sure will offer “oneness” as a collective energy ~ unity. Love this post dear friend as is the usual for me with you — in ‘oneness” ~ RLx

    • It is a great song Alejandro. Burnished into your persona, I’m sorry that is just simple an excellent expression. I do have siblings but was the odd one out, so to speak and I preferred reading, drawing or being one with nature. But I don’t think I was burnished, but it sounds cool.

  3. As the three muskateers would say – “All for one, one for all!” 🙂

    And – I will also add – You are onederful! Yes – I took creative writing liberties right there.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. solitude is one…alone is when there are two and it feels like one
    good post….
    a good day for the song…
    Take Care…

    • Very well stated. The interpretation of the word ‘one’ when it comes to our writings (much less our emotions) is fascinating. Take care of you too, thank you for reading and commenting. xx

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