Being in the company of bloggers

…I am happy to be here!



Blogging is about sharing but also about being heard! Being noticed.

Isn’t that what we all want? Each one of us?

To be needed, an essential part of things but recognized through our own individual expression.

Reaching out to others on our own terms. To explore, experience, learn, grow and share all with the strong desire to make a positive difference while learning to understand the nature of who and why we are.

I have met and continue to meet so many wonderful bloggers presenting interesting and well-crafted words from around the globe in the blogging world of today.

I have viewed and continue to view beautiful and well executed photography. I have read and continue to read inspirational moving thoughts and ideas. Reflections that range from new information in any given subject to that of experiences and coping with pain, joy, beauty and laughter – and last but not least the powerful and creative written word.  All through the medium of blogging.

We bloggers have a need to share, to connect – express ourselves and be heard. We need to make a difference and we want to grow and learn about ourselves while we do so.

“Blogging is an artistic medium for individual expression

 I for one revel in it!”  – Penny L Howe, 2012

Penny L Howe

32 thoughts on “Being in the company of bloggers

  1. I have always considered myself a compassionate, passionate, open-minded woman, but tapping into the thoughts and creativity of so many of you WP bloggers, I have been moved to a new level.

  2. Blogging is indeed a fine medium to find people who you have things in common with and also and more intriguingly meeting people who you would never get to meet in real life and seeing different viiewpoints. of course the hits and comments are great as well but in the past year I have spent more time with you guys than people I live near.

    • An oddity in life, how we open up ourselves to strangers and estrange ourselves from neighbors and relatives. Kind of like if you were reading a good book online and sudden you could have real discourse with one or more of the characters that you had come to know and like through the words in the pages of a book, not so dissimilar (the understanding). The wonderfulness of discovering others who think like you do only with blogging you get to actually communicate with them. 🙂

      • That is the best bit, I originally thought I would write people would like and that would be it but it’s so much more awesome forming these friendships and really forming a bond. I would be fascinated to talk to talk to Herculé Poirot.

        • Yes how excellent to visit the blogs of famous and infamous characters from books and “speak” comment to one another, how phenomenally wonderful that would be. Hey check out my poem today on truth and give me your thoughts, “A little heavy for me?”

  3. Oh yes Penny ~ I so agree with you – and Roxi hit the nail on the head! ~ Truly changed my life also —
    and feel so blessed to know you and all the other wonderful souls here ~ Beautiful post – Beautiful
    YOU! Love to you ~ RL

    • You inspire so many Robyn, you have me, in ways you can’t imagine. And as you say so many other wonderful bloggers that continue to enrich our lives, every day. It is wonderful isn’t it? Like you I do feel blessed with the knowing and sharing. Thank you dearest friend of mine, All my love returned in full measure to you. xoxo

  4. Roxi is so right! Life has not been the same since WordPress began for me. It’s like a stone dropped into a still pond. First there is one ripple, then two, then three and soon…

  5. I enjoy looking at other photographs. Looking at different things I could take photos of. I enjoy reading flash fiction. I enjoy reading poetry. I also enjoy inspirational posts, very much like this one. I always find there is something special in your posts.

    I thank you for blogging Penny. You have changed my life. Mega hugs to you and your family

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