The “Art” of Inspiration!

Here’s an example:

The other day I noticed several long pieces of hair adhered to the wall where I take my daily shower. I was fascinated by the form they took.

I took a photo, darkened the lines so that they were clear and then I colored in some of the spots and created the abstract piece here. This would be a “sketch” if I were going to actually recreate this piece on canvas, the detail in the painting would be much cleaner and precise, but I did enjoy the fun of creating!


Contemplation of a Gentleman

Contemplating face

“Finished product!”



Contemplating face, unfinished

Original photograph (notice the lines – fascinating to me!)


During my “art education” years I was fascinated by the form and shapes of “early on” Surrealism, Abstract expressionism as well as Pablo Picasso’s periods of art known as Cubism. Although color was an expressive element – during Picasso’s periods of the abstract – he primarily relied on a simple drawing to create form and space.

Everyone’s taste in art is personal to them whether abstract or realism, art is in the eye of the beholder. Creativity however has no limits, no medium, no set style, just going with the flow and enjoying the process.

Remember, creativity is out there everywhere waiting to inspire your imagination, just look for it!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

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31 thoughts on “The “Art” of Inspiration!

  1. Penny what an idea to do some art. and the outcome is absolutely fantastic, I do like the colours and the whole lot, I would hang it up in my house. You are totally amazing and you keep going on to amaze me more and more. I admire you! I love this so much! ..and you! Ute xx

  2. I love your idea Penny and so nicely done!!! It’s so much fun creating and inspiration can come from literally anything!!!!
    🙂 Happy Monday and new week my dear. [Our Easter week / less time on computer!]
    much love

  3. Nice artsy design!
    I always see shapes & images that form on the plexiglas when I shower. Sometimes I imagine a story with them. I used to think that was weird & have never said that out-loud. Now I wrote that as a comment on your blog for everyone to see – LOL
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. I love the finished product. I shall be looking on the shower wall tomorrow. I might not see a piece of art work but there might be a story there somewhere.
    As you so rightly say, creativity is all around us, we just need to open our eyes a little wider and watch out for it.

  5. I do this as well — see faces and figures in just about every abstract setting. It’s always amusing and fun ~ and sometimes I look for signs to help guide me in these too! xo 🙂 Love U! Hugs – Robyn

    • Yes, it never wants to turn itself off either, lol (can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing Trinity! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I hope your weekend has been a good one for you!

  6. It’s odd. I sometimes look at things and see shapes in them. Hair is one thing. Usually after I have just brushed my locks and pick the hair up that fell out. I had one a while ago that fell into the shape of a heart. I never thought about taking a photo. It was a case of: “that looks like a heart” scoop.

    What you have done with that is brilliant. You are definitely a person of many talents my friend.

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