The Dancer – Līgo Haībun Challenge

The topic or prompt for this week’s Līgo Haībun Challenge is FANTASY!

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.”  Said Maya Angelou

The haībun format for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is a written paragraph ( more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences in prose form), closing this piece with the haiku/collection of haiku related to the text. The haiku should be as authentic as possible. Ideally the entire haibun will total fewer than 220 words.


 DANCER IN MOVE 2 by Papuga2006

The Dancer


Flowing, sound and body moved as one. Twirling, twirling. The music played a hypnotic rhythm. Her performance, that of exquisite grace, each movement executed with elegance and precision. The audience was spellbound, captured by her performance. After the final pirouette she bowed to thundering applause from the audience.

Hers, a composed face, immobile as the legs encased in the stirrups of her wheelchair while she kept replaying the fantasy in her head, again and again. Alicia wheeled herself onto the open floor, fantasy firmly fixed in her mind. I am a great dancer, she thought, closing her eyes as she danced yet again. It seemed so real, she could feel the movement of her legs, she could feel …

Alicia opened her eyes and then held her breath. She was standing up, on her legs – without support. The music was still in her mind. She took one cautious step and then another away from the wheel chair. How was this even possible? Closing her eyes the music entered her body again. When she opened them she had moved across the room, on her own.

She could not imagine how, but Alicia knew her fantasy had become a first step to reality. She would be a great dancer. She closed her eyes, twirling to the music.

reality dreams
fantasy’s magical dance
dreams reality


Thank you. Have a great week!

Penny L Howe

33 thoughts on “The Dancer – Līgo Haībun Challenge

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  2. Wonderful story, the storyline flowing and the message spilling out. Without hope and dreams what would we be.

  3. The way you describe her movement….amazing….!!!
    Admire the way of writing and filling your thoughts with exact words…
    Your illustration of words may not need image to describe your thought…
    Truly amazing Penny….!!

  4. Talk about the audience being spell bound … your words had me spell bound… marvelous piece that could ring true for some… if they would only dream…

  5. Wow Penny — this was breathtaking. Speaks of hope and the beauty in that hope. Fantasy and reality can blend — stunning and wonderful! xo Love and Affection Always, R

  6. That’s beautiful Penny. Miracles can happen at any time. At any place. Anywhere. When you least expect it.

    I loved the way you did the haiku especially the first and last lines

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