For all women ~The strength of her convictions!


a woman's strength!


Dwelling deep inside women is an abiding nurturing spirit and lest you ever forget it, the strength of her will is of a most awesome kind. Reread history. Many females of the past and present have had to endure, suffer, survive and overcome (just for being a female) all the while nurturing, loving and protecting as she can.

She has always understood deep within herself, her human role. The role to help insure the survival of the species. Her intellect, caring and loving a huge part of that capability. Β Now is a very good time for females to recognize that the way they are made is not a “weakness” but a strength.

She IS the strength of her convictions and regardless of being handicapped by those who think otherwise, she still will always be the She who most will count on, from birth going forward! It is not a coincidence that Nature is called Mother Nature. The sobriquet for the greatest force on the planet is Mother. Think on that one for a minute.

All humans are flawed. Each of us come with our own individual set of shortcomings. When I speak of females I am referring to the universal understanding of the gender as a whole, not one individual.

However I would like to honor one special person. Soon it will be Mother’s Day and I would like to thank you Mom, with all my heart for the love, encouragement, and strength you gave. You helped me develop the foundation that shaped the person I am today. I do love and miss you so!

For all the women of the world this post was for you ~ be you a mom, daughter, sister or other. Inside us is a strength that has always been. In no way are we the “weaker” sex. We never have been..Β 

~ Penny


27 thoughts on “For all women ~The strength of her convictions!

  1. Well said Penny; it is “not a weakness but a strength” .. Beautiful and powerful. Wonderful dedication to your mom. πŸ™‚ She has definitely passed on her strength to you.

  2. You said it & said it well. A beautiful tribute to all women & to those special near & dear to your heart.
    For today – tomorrow & always…Happy Mother’s Day to you & all the wonderful mother’s in your life – past & present.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thank you RoSy. The book I’m working on is an inspirational (self-help) book for women (so I’ve been rereading a lot of history to get a “feel” of where we – females – really are today), Needless to say I’ve come up with some strong points of reference! Now to make sure I present the kind of information that will actually be of value to a busy woman, mom, wife, daughter, worker, responsible citizen and so on – to thrive not just survive! No worries, piece of cake, ha ha! In advance have a most wonderful Mother’s day Rosy, I’ll bet your family has something special planned for you! You deserve it! πŸ™‚ xo

  3. AnElephantCant think of anything clever to say
    Of course he never says anything funny
    He takes Penny’s advice
    To do something nice
    And remembers his own dear sweet Mummy

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