How to write, a quick lesson



First of all, know that I am not qualified to teach writing.

However, while I am not qualified as a writing teacher I am a highly qualified reader and I’m guessing in my life I’ve read more than most people in the various genres. I’m addicted to words, pure and simple. And my time spent in the world of marketing helped me develop a different set of skills to guide myself through a creative writing process. So, I’m going to pass a few thoughts along to you here today.

Rule oneJust write. don’t agonize over each word or sentence trying to get it right.Time for that later.

Rule two – Write some more. Stay focused on your story and nothing else.fingers walking

Rule three – Don’t edit while your creative juices are flowing, you could stop the flow.

Rule fourJust write. Let your brain do the walking with your fingers.

Rule fiveΒ Just write. Allow yourself to slip into another place (and time) let your imagination lead you.

Final Rule – If you noticed a theme going on, that’s because there is one. The more you write the more you become a writer. You’ll make many grammatical errors, typos and will want to know much more about the basics such as plot, character development, and so on. But the most important rule of all is to get the words down. You can figure out the rest later!

One additional note, many of the very famous authors that we know of, did not have any formal writing classes when they started writing and publishing their work. It turned out pretty good for them!


Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny


45 thoughts on “How to write, a quick lesson

  1. Great tips, Penny. I guess the hardest for me is the natural editing. Can’t help it I suppose because of my educational nature even though it was mathematics and science not language arts. Got to retrain myself, as you so well put it, to be able to just get the words on the table so to speak and polish it later. ❀

  2. I start by re-reading and editing… it’s how my creative juices actually get started… I’ve also read a lot of people saying that you should write at the same time each day because it helps to prep your mind…

    • Thank you Richard. It’s fascinating how each person comes up with a method that seems to work for them. One of the things I love about writing independently, I’m my own boss (own worse critic also, lol) πŸ™‚

  3. Makes sense to me (I say that because when my creative juices start to flow – my grammar gets shot out the door πŸ˜‰ )
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I can’t help but review after every few paragraphs. This is probably because I’m new to creative writing and I’m very conscious of not making what I write seem clunky or amateurish. However, I am beginning to develop a habit of writing something, reading it, liking it, reading it again, liking it a bit less, reading it again and hating it. Think I start to see faults everywhere. Just need to write and review less often.

    • Hi Paul, sounds like you’re in the process of figuring this out. It will get easier for you to set a piece aside for a spell, and then come back to it with fresh eyes. and we’re always our own worse critic. I’m guessing you may be a little bit hard on yourself!

  5. Makes a lot of sense.. I find when I try to ‘think’ too much about poetry form, rhyme, rhythm, line count, etc…. I tend to lose my train of thought easily and instead of focusing on ‘content’…. I’m focusing on rules of structured poetry. I suppose the same is true no matter what you’re writing.

    Great post as always! xxxx

    • Thanks Roxi, I agree it is so tempting to stop and check on things. I really had to retrain myself to think the other way. And there are those writers out there that do very well who edit as they go. I personally think getting the essence down first is important! And those wonderful times when it just seems to come out the way you want it from the get go! Love those! xo

    • Thank you Robyn. I know that you know with your own marketing background a project happens in the following way: Idea generation, development and then clean-up/tighten up, edit. But always saving the edit for last! Big hugs and lots of love, xo

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