Mortar and pestle – Mental tools for the creative mind.

Mortar: A bowl made of a very hard substance. Pestle: A club shaped object used for crushing and grinding.Β So why my interest in the mortar and pestle of things? Let me explain.

mortar and pestle


Today the mortar and pestle can be found in many kitchens. Its use for the grinding of small food items (herbs, etc.) needing to be crushed (the results enhance the flavor of food being prepared). The mortar and pestle is also used in pharmacies (grinding pills permits quicker absorption of consumed medicine), in scientific laboratories, and in the processing of various materials during the building of structures.

If you consider these two objects as tools used by us (humans), you will notice the one thing each ‘use’ has in common is the primary purpose of changing the texture of a substance into one that becomes more pliable/versatile. This, in turn, allows for a greater infusion of the various elements when mixed together. The results open up possibilities. Creating a fresh variety of essences and nuances as well as capabilities of a new formula/mixture.

My question for you today. How’s your creativity doing? Is your mental mortar and pestal handy when it comes to repurposing your thoughts, your ideas … your imagination? Have fun with being creative – mix and match, stir and blend, grind and crush, rethink and then … create!

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26 thoughts on “Mortar and pestle – Mental tools for the creative mind.

  1. Hmmm .. mix and match. I have several ideas for different things .. maybe they will fit together as one … either that or a badly dubbed foreign film that leaves everybody at the end saying “whut??” πŸ˜† What I am trying to say is that maybe I can take this advice – along with yesterday’s – to create everything I have together as one.

    Doesn’t make sense that, does it?

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