The illuminating candle

“Over millenium, through darkening night,

we depended on candles, our main source of light.

Today’s glowing candles are still shining bright.

Now a beacon of purpose, Illuminates our sight.”


candle in the night


A Lit Candle 

A lit candle remembers,
 those, no longer there.
A lit candle for causes,
because we all care.
A lit candle to celebrate,
happy, we share.
A lit candle for comfort.
Calm souls we’ve laid bare.
~ Penny L Howe, 2013

The gentle glow of a candle’s light is soft and warm. And just like thousands of years ago, today we still light a candle, only now to be comforted/nurtured in the moment, illuminating our hearts, minds, and deeds.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow,

~ Penny


34 thoughts on “The illuminating candle

    • Hi Ute. A most happy belated fathers day for your beloved father and your memories of him (Mine gone also, but the memories live on forever), a wonderful thing, I think, have an excellent weekend Ute, xx

  1. I believe you Roxi. I can just imagine it now, but how wonderful that must be (having so many)! I agree with you about learning to make candles! Thank you dearest friend of mine! 🙂 xo

  2. Did you ever see Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon?” It takes place in the 18th century where candles obviously were the main source of indoor illumination. Kubrick wanted the film to be as authentic as possible, so he utilized natural light for the vast majority of scenes, including that from candles. It was the first time that had been done in cinema. But, Kubrick obtained 3 50mm lenses designed for N.A.S.A. and had them adapted for film usage. They each had an aperture of f/0.7, which is extremely large. The movie may be boring, but it’s a visual feast.

    • I did see the movie Alejandro, I agree with you. A visual feast. I didn’t know how the special lighting effects were accomplished so that’s fascinating information, thank you. I always like to know the “why” of things!

  3. I’ve not given this much thought before Penny, but I have a “thing” for candles (always have)… and now there is richer meaning for me. Your post is brilliant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your heart here. Love to you always, Robynx

    • Hi Robyn, I was just sharing with Sally that 96% (according to a merchandising magazine) of all candles are purchased by women. I think we feel this ethereal connection with candles because of our own nurturing natures. Not a bit surprised you have a “thing” for candles! Not at all! Thank you, love and sincere affection to you, xo

  4. I agree – beautiful post. I, too, love candles and whenever abroad and visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals always light a candle. Even though I am not a religious believer, I am a great believer in us all having spirituality and a candle helps to illuminate that.

    Thank you for this lovely post 🙂

    • You are most sincerely welcome Sally, I feel the same way. There is a spiritual aspect to the candle. Did you know (according to statistics – from a merchandising magazine) that 96% of all candles are purchased by women – interesting isn’t it! 🙂

  5. Penny, that poem caused tears to fall. Having just walked in from my uncle’s funeral and this is the first post I open.

    Thank you, Penny, thank you so very very much. You r timing for this was fantastic. Thank you

    huge hugs

    • I meant loss not lost in my last reply Alastair, I’m hoping they were good tears, and I am pleased that my post may have brought you some small measure of comfort dearest friend. Much love abd hugs ~ Penny xo

      • They were good tears. I may not have seen my uncle as often as I would have wanted to, but this poem made me think about the times we did spend together. It is very moving

    • Thank you so much. As you know, first there’s survival, then there’s understanding and finally balance begins to emerge and hopefully with this a graceful thriving. But like some pieces of art always a work in progress.

  6. My home is full of candles… for all the reasons you’ve listed! Ever need a candle…. just ask? hahahaha I could open a candle shop with all the ones I have. Someday, I would love to learn how to actually make them 😉

    Beautiful poem my dearest friend xxxxxxx

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