… Ease on down!

~ *~

snails pace


When life comes at you hard and heavy, ease – on – down!

When there’s just too much to carry on, ease – on – down!

When burden’s seem to overflow and heart is weary too

Stop right now, retabulate – there’s something you can do:

Ease on down!

Reset your pace, remove the frown.
Be carefree, be as a clown.
Rethink, redo, recapture,
the simple joys of life!
Don’t just be a survivor
Your life full up with strife.
move a little slower, simplify your tasks
Live one day at a time, it’s not too much to ask!
And then most importantly
please … ease on down!

Life is a never ending experience. Do take the time to enjoy.

a rose


If there are no flowers to stop and smellΒ … then go find some, now!

Today! Do it!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day too!

with much affection,

~ Penny


20 thoughts on “… Ease on down!

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  2. Thank you dearest Penny — this was lovely – and a terrific poem to remind us to stop and smell all the flowers!! You are a wonderful role model and inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day ~ and to lovely Christina too!! xxoo

    • Thank you Robyn. A very happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom! Have a wonderful day tomorrow! (will pass your wishes onto Christina) Much love dearest friend of mine! xoxo

  3. A lovely reminder.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you too Penny! And – a Happy Mother’s Day to Christina too & all of the lovely mothers in your life.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Have a great weekend yourself Penny, and I hope both you and your daughter have a great mother’s day. You both deserve it. By all accounts you are both exemplary mothers. You both have passionate hearts and you have both come through a living hell, and come out the other side changed but not bitter.

    I am proud to call both of you my friends. Thank you

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