Singing Stones – A sensory lesson!

Each day, much sensory information is lost to us, even though we do have the capability to sense our b onesurroundings more fully than we currently do. Each person’s level of awareness is influenced by individual skills, our genes, environment, and our personal previous experiences.

Learning to better understand our full sensory “potential” will help us interpret our environment more accurately. It is a good thing to know that each of our senses do not work independently of one another. Science has proven sensory integration takes place in the brain.a one

Scientific research has also shown that the brain never stops changing and adjusting to its environment. We now know the brain can “reprogram” itself.

This ability is important for acquiring new knowledge, for compensating for deficiencies that result from age or injury, and for enhancing our life experiences.

So to help you reprogram a little – Did you know that rocks (solids) absorb sound; those vibrations and frequencies that travel through air and water (gases and liquids -to simplify things here). According to scientists, rocks or stones also resonate.

There are certain rocks (sonorous rocks) that have the property of ringing like a bell when struck (which we can hear). Other rocks resonate too, we just don’t hear these series of tones. The frequencies are lower than the human ear can hear, but our body still senses the vibratory sounds they make.

Your sensory lesson for today. Go find a stone. Ideally near a water source or a mountain side. But one in a meadow or barren desert will also work. Hold it in the palm of your hand for a period of time.


singing stones


You’ll find yourself wanting to rub the stone and no, nothing magical or mystical is going to happen … but … as frequencies go, the warmth of your own body’s chemistry (and energy) coupled with the resonating vibrations from the stone will play a soothing song that both your body and mind will sense – a calming experience!

Go on give it a try! Not magic, just science. (Or as Einstein would say – perhaps a bit of both!)

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny


20 thoughts on “Singing Stones – A sensory lesson!

  1. I love taking a walk and finding just the right stone. You know it when you find it. It fits into your hand perfectly, feeling like an extension of yourself, speaking to you. Loved this Penny! 🙂

        • Thanks Padmini. No I’m way late on getting it sent in, hit a few trouble spots as I was writing the content. I thought it would be easier to write something nonfiction (which I have done for years for periodicals and in business) but in this case, it has been difficult, but I am trying to have it completed soon. She (the publisher) is patiently – I hope – still waiting. Other than that, things are very very fine. Thank you for asking, I hope all is well with you also! 🙂

  2. I think I will go down the beach later and do that. Take some photos whilst I am at it 😉

    This is a very interesting post Penny, but the “a one” picture doesn’t show up

  3. I have a vague memory of having seen a movie or read a book or a story about singing stones years and years ago when I was very young.

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