Alastairs Photo Fiction: The silver lining of life

There are days when heavy overcast clouds become so depressing, a blue sky can be difficult to imagine, the want of  comforting sun so envelops our need. Yet within the those thick clouds a ray of sun can break through, the edges glowing with hues of gold and a silvery cast.

And in that moment, you take heart that perhaps the clouds will soon disperse bringing a new and bright shiny day! I find that some days Nature simulates human life.

Alastair’s photo prompt for this week illustrates the point well! My offering for Alastairs Photo Fiction Challenge:


The silver lining of life


He stood transfixed by the sight of the clouds, as grey and dark as his heart. He was poised on the edge of emptiness, Searching for a way to ease the unrelenting pain in his soul, something, anything to give him a reason to go on. His wife had died so suddenly and he was lost, hopelessly lost without her.

Why, why should he go on? Nothing mattered anymore! No reason without her. Abruptly, dropping to his knees he let his head fall into his hands, sobbing in sorrow. Ironic how the weather was matching his mood. Tears seared his face as he waited for the rain to fall – companionable compliance this gloomy day.

Instead … there was a break in the clouds, a ray of sun touched his face at the same time he felt a small hand brush away the tears from his eyes.

Although the sun’s warming ray couldn’t reach his heart, the soft sweet voice could, “Don’t cry daddy,” she said. Her tiny arms encircling him as best she could, “I’m still here, you still have me to love.”


“Even on the darkest day there is always a reason to keep going,
we must open our hearts so we can see the silver lining when the sun begins to shine through.” 


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~ Penny


24 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction: The silver lining of life

  1. so movingly described. When a man or woman lose their partner, the child always becomes their reason to live and a source of happiness. expressed so well here

  2. Your story is extremely moving Penny. You tell of life when there is death. You tell of love after it has left. You tell of hope when there is none.

    The way you tell this story brings a lump to the throat and you can feel his pain, you feel you can cry with him And then the warmth offered by a little child and her perfect love for him.

    Thank you Penny

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  4. I am scientist by training, in research is like any other fields of career, people work day and night, for the fame and for the recognition, and everyday they make themselves believe that they will be happiness when they get the good results. A few weeks ago, a professor’s wife died in an accident, and leaving only a daughter behind, just like what you have described here. I always tell my counterpart, what is your real happiness? What is left for us, and the reason to cheer, when our love one has gone and we did not cherish them when they were still around, when our mind is about success in life. I hope that people will ask themselves, what is the meaning of success in your life? It does not matter with age, people learn their lesson only when tragedy happens.


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