Predator/Prey or enlightened human beings!

predator or prey

An Official Rant! Brought to you by myself. It is long, but I’d appreciate it if you’d take those few extra minutes to approve or disapprove of what I am expressing here. Thank you! And so the ranting begins:

We are a thinking species. At least I’d like to think so. All of us consider ourselves as intelligent and most believe we have spirits (souls) within us, so it begs the question that if those things are true, why do we still live in the animal world of predator/prey mentality of life.

Our civilization is not civilized as long as any one single human being (much less the many) starves, is killed, mistreated, discriminated against, judged, and by virtue of a “going with the crowd theme” making fun of (for being different) and at the extreme end of the spectrum killed for that difference. Exactly what part of that is “being civilized”!

When animals kill one another they do so to survive. The purpose of war is to protect and preserve “a way of life” – but it has always been and will always be at the “expensive” expense of life, always! To me this negates the purpose, at least one would think so. Can there be no “other solutions” for solving man’s problems? And why isn’t more money spent on solving international problems from a “not killing” perspective instead of the trillions spent on designing and building new and improved weapons.

Are we still only just surviving? Haven’t we (in this socialized world of today) moved beyond that? Most obviously not. In politics, one of the first things one hears is that it’s a cut throat business (?)  Finding any groups of elected officials actually coming together to work as a team is almost unheard of anywhere today. And in business, it is not about finding and selling a product that humans need, but filling the “consumer addiction” for all things new, fun, and different – all for the purpose of “making money” (often at the disregard and expense of those they cater to). I speak nothing here that you don’t already know is true!

And then there’s most all of us. The “we” of it all, just going along with the flow where ever we happen to be. Making no waves. Overspending, overeating, overdoing (at the expense of time that should be spent in the nurturing and teaching of values such as honor and honesty) so desperately needed in the slowly disintegrating family environment of today). What are we doing to ourselves guys? Is this then our future?

We prey upon the negativity that permeates the news. It looms large every single second of every single day making sure that in all the various mass media no one will miss out (ratings rule – not happy people) on what’s going wrong instead of embracing that which we are getting right. That which is nurturing. that which is uplifting, that which is loving, giving, caring, and sharing.

But just imagine! What if … what if we woke up deciding to get along, try harder to be there for our family, friends and others. What if we reached out to those who needed help and support. (There are a handful of people, around the world, who are already doing just that.) What if there were many many more of those others (such as ourselves) waiting there  … to help make the positive difference through the rough spots of life.

We’d no longer be predator and prey but the human race, working and loving together (as a whole) to overcome and conquer the most important part of what being a human being is all about – to love, nourish and support all things living.

“For the well being of all, the primary purpose on this planet is not to destroy but support life.”

Thank you,

Penny L Howe


37 thoughts on “Predator/Prey or enlightened human beings!

  1. Oh god yes! I want to believe that we’re capable of putting aside our self-centredness, at least a little, but instead we seem to be more and more polarised.

    The internet was supposed to bring us together, but the ‘algorithms’ have worked out that we like being angry, that we like hating, that we respond to turmoil…and so that’s what they give us, more and more of all the negative things and none of the positive.

    The social media algorithms are manipulating us in unimaginable ways, simply by showing us the things that industrial psychologists have determined keep us /addicted/.

    Apologies for adding to the rant, but I’ve only recently discovered how we’ve all been used, just so we’ll see more advertisements. It’s sick. 😦

  2. American politics especially has become a predatory activity. Instead of highlighting their own achievements, candidates usually spend time and money denigrating their opponent. They’re quick to point out what the other person has done wrong in their life – searching high and low for any dirt – but offer few solutions to whatever problems beset their constituency. That’s why the field of viable political aspirants keeps getting narrower with each election cycle. We’re left with the extremists; people whose only goal is to slash and burn.

    • I missed your comment Alejandro, just noticed it. Thank you! You’re absolutely correct. And the good guys, those that might conceivably make a difference aren’t too thrilled at the idea of getting involved with the current political environment which is as you say, is all about the wrong things.

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  4. I would vote for you–why don’t people like you ever hold office? We need people with proper values to head our sadly directionless society. Penny…you’re a good Penny. And a million buck thought.

    • Thank you Charron, for your generous compliments. Some time past when I had a small marketing company I was asked (by a group of political types) to run for an office. When I explained I had no background in that area I was told I had the right demographics that people could relate to (they didn’t ask my opinion of things either) and they could help me get elected, of course I would follow their agenda and platform of things.
      The political world is a scary jungle type of place. You’re right of course with what is needed, but as in the wild, political types do tend to “eat their young” and you always have to have someone out there “covering your backside”. I declined, my soul stayed my own. Today you can’t get elected without large monetary contributions, sadly where the contributions come from will end up having a substantial say in what you say and do. This is the truth today, a sad truth, but real none the less.

      Those that do make things happen, tend to do so away from the political arena, quietly by doing positive things with others and helping to make change happen.

      Thank you again, I like to think I can make a positive change, just one person at a time – my goal anyway! btw, you do that also with your attitude and excellent sharing in both your posts and your visiting others at their blogs!

      With affection,

      • Arrgghhh–tell me about Special Interests! They are the insidious undermining of all humankind–and yet, oddly enough are composed of humankind.

        I applaud and understand your reasons to keep your soul your own–I imagine walking into the politco machine is a vortex from which one doesn’t emerge unscathed. Just as a car mechanic can scrub-scrub-scrub his fingernails at the end of a long day, there will always be SOME residual grease under his nails— and that would no doubt happen in the viper’s pit that is politics–but at a higher cost to you.

        But you are like a stone, a rolling, skipping stone that creates big ripples in the stagnation of a largely apathetic population. A disconnected & ironically ultra-connected population. Addressing the disconnect and changing focus is the first step, providing solutions—workable, everyday solutions—the next. And that you have done—and are doing in an active way.

        Thank you for your kind words, Penny. The best compliments are always from those you respect and admire. We shall keep the faith, sister of souls.

  5. Consider how long the planet has been here compared to the time span of homo sapiens. We humans barely even measure. A friend of mine likes to say “We’re just not that long out of the trees.”

  6. I agree with you 100% on this. Now if the United Nations would truly follow its established bylaws among the nations and apply it as well to the individual countries …it might change some of the issues, but truthfully I think it is just too late.

    • I so agree with you Len, but I have to believe, and I do, in us, WE the people, we’re part of the government too. So I keep believing that things will change and happen to improve the outlook for our children’s futures. I do pray this is so Len, dearest friend! 🙂 xo

  7. “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    A great PPP once again my dear friend 😉 xxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Penny!

    I hear you!

    Somebody once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    I wish, many more people would act accordingly to these words. The world would be a more peaceful and loving place, already, for sure.

    But as human society we were programmed to “think small” for a long time and are just starting to reveal how much power we really have to actually make a change.

    So I do my best to show up and do my part ind being the change I want to see in the world and hope that this encourages and inspires others to do the same – in their own way, of course. And I keep reminding myself and likeminded people I meet that we are not alone. So, today I would like to give this reminder to you, my dear:

    You are not alone!

    Much love to you and your loved ones,

    • Hi Steffi, Thank you dear friend of mine, it is nice to know I am not alone with my feelings. I do appreciate you. I hope your health is doing better now. Jack and Emma say Hi also! Especially Jack. It’s his birthday in a few days and he wanted you to know he would be an official teenager (13).

      Much love to you from all of us here!
      Again my thanks for your love and special caring way,

      • Thank you, Penny, and you are welcome!

        Give Jack and Emma a hug from me – or are they already too old for that? And please tell Jack Happy Birthday from me on his big day.

        (Health was much better and currently is going up and down a bit, again, but nothing to worry about – just some little reactions on the energies moving through, I suppose. 😉 )

        Be sure that the world IS changing, dear Penny. It might not always be obvious but it is happening.

        Much love!

  9. I agree in many points, but I believe that the human created as a society passed the human being, and to take a step back is probably impossible; it’s just one way, learn to live with our technology like we don’t really understand, the human being is confused now, looking for a way to live with the new society. I can’t explain better in English… I miss so many words in the English language…

    But the world is changing and the human being is lost. Even if we created this technology and society, we don’t know how to live with this…

    • Thank you Maria. You are correct. Your words are wise, and your English words and the meaning you are expressing come across loud and clear. Lost is a wonderful word to use here. Again my thanks for your sharing your comments, they are very true.

  10. Together as a human race, we should be able to stand together. If more people stood and said “STOP!” maybe we could make a difference. If we can make a difference with the packaging in food, we can make a difference with salt content in food, we can make a difference with hunting tigers, whales, squirrels, foxes! Why can’t we make a difference with hunting people?

    I have said for a great many years that if two great leaders have a difference, have a game of chess! (The Doctor had the same idea) Two leaders have a problem with each other – get the Karpov of their countries to play for control. No deaths would need to take place, mother nature would not be hitting back.

    If more people helped people up off the path (sidewalk), more people put a cover over the person sleeping rough, more people said “can I carry that for you”, “would you like to sit here”, “I’ll pay for your drink”. As you said Penny, there are people who do that already. There are the Mother Theresas around, the Florence Nightingales, the Alexander Flemings. There needs to be more. Each of us has the ability to do it. Maybe if us, the little people, can do it, then the government, parliament, senate, whatever each country’s ruling body is can stand together and do something. Rather than the power saying “We are doing this” and the opposition saying “we don’t think that’s a good idea, so we would do this”, why not say “We don’t think that’s a good idea, how about doing it this way instead? If we work together, we can remove the need for so much”

    Sorry Penny, I’ve done it again. Feel free to delete if you think it’s too much

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  12. enjoyed your rant… my own theory is as follows… we are not far removed from our animal (instinctual) selves and are still very much driven by these primal urges… our economic models represent our instinctual needs, communism (socialism) stems from our reliance upon one another for our continued survival as a species and capitalism comes from the instinctual self survival defense mechanism… in nature competition is fierce for resources, so it is with humanity. If you look at a union in a workplace, this should be a “we” mentality but everyone in a union angles to have the collective agreement work in their favour damned what that means for the rest of the people in the collective and are focused solely on the “Me” with a high percentage of grievances… it is the conflict between Me and We that is the biggest obstacle in our way until we put the We before the Me things will unfortunately remain the same… just my opinion

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