Waste Management Control – for good health … HUH?

Yes, – the truth!

The most efficient waste management system on the planet is our own body, until we mucky up the works with our current life style habits!



The most understood definition of waste management (in industry): The collection, transportation and disposal of garbage and waste products. This encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials. This then is the everyday world of garbage collection and removal.

And this is also what our body does for us, 24 hours a day … if we let it.

The further we stray from providing what our body needs so it can take a raw product, turn it into fuel, and then discard what can’t be used, the further we are from optimal health.

Here’s another way to think about this. Right now. Take a cup of sugar and poor it into the gas tank of your car!engine Β I can hear your thoughts. Are you kidding me? That would really mess up my cars ability to run! We do (most of us) maintain our mechanical transportation. So, why not the most important one?

The body is our own personal (one of a kind) biological vehicle that needs the same care and maintenance to effectively do it’s job. When the body can’t do it’s job of waste removal then negative things begin to happen:

The build up of cholesterol and calcium deposits; the breakdown of celluar structures into free radicals, plus the added complication of manufactured chemicals counterbalancing what we are either ingesting or reacting to (stress) create a weakness allowing disease to enter our body. The body can not protect itself from invaders, much less do it’s job of removing waste if we are overloading it everyday.

Just some food for thought. Do a little research, you might be surprised at a few simple things you can do to improve the maintenance of the most important form of transportation you have – your body! Your life may depend on it. Well, actually it does!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny


25 thoughts on “Waste Management Control – for good health … HUH?

  1. Now this is a topic that I am passionate about. My in-laws think I am the craziest cook they have ever seen and say they have never heard of many of the ingredients I tend to use. Great post Penny! πŸ™‚

    • Yay Go RoSy. I didn’t mention that I cheat (I had pizza tonight) but most days I’m a good girl and do all those nice things, well okay the other day I made some fudge, but I took small bites … and then I worked it all out of my system too! I do try to be good though, mostly! πŸ™‚ xo

  2. This is food for thought, and comparing it to a car aand engine , rather clever. I put in my car contaminated diesel in from a cheap garage and had a huge bill to have the car repaired as the diesel ruined alot in the car. Was the cheap diesel worth it? No, and our body is precious too, and it cannot be just repaired like a car. We need to be careful and fuel it well. No I am not having a biscuit πŸ™‚ …….Thank you for the wonderful advice, Penny!

  3. Very good post dear Penny! I am always asking myself before consuming anything – “what is the value – nutritional value” of eating this. I also ask if the food was made by God or Man ~ usually those 2 criterion help me decide if I really want to eat it. Right no I’m drinking fresh juiced Ginger and Cucumber πŸ™‚ ~ Love and Hugs dearest one! x RL

    • Hi Robyn, thank you dear friend! I don’t mean too but have a bad habit when someone asks me what I’ve eaten (had to drink) for the day I tend to say, Well I had protein this morning, Some carbs for a snack, my nutritional smoothy for the afternoon and so forth and so on. I try to remember to say it in food terms, lol, but it isn’t how I think! So I understand what you’re saying. Ginger and Cucumber, great combo, much love to my bestest of friends! xox

    • Attitude is huge Bulldog, huge. All by itself the body revs itself up to carry on with the release of helpful hormones when we are happy inside ourselves! At least according to the limited research I’ve done on the subject. I know it works for me! And I cheat too (health food wise) but do try to balance the good with the bad! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Brilliant advice Penny. The problem with today’s market is that so much crap food tastes so nice because of all the additives that is in it to make it taste nice. Food is one of the three most important things our body needs – along with oxygen and liquid. The problem is, we also pollute the oxygen and the liquid. In the middle ages, less people had serious illnesses because they didn’t use E-numbers The only e’s were the “Eeh by gum” of the farmers in south west UK πŸ˜‰

    That probably made no sense but that’s because it is early morning πŸ˜†

  5. the sugar in the gas tank is a great reminder; i often ask people if they would like a capsule of brain toxins, and they look at me like i’m nuts, and then i remind them that aspartame and msg are brain toxins…

    great post!

    • Thanks, it always amazes me too. After I share information like this with some of the people I know they look at me as if in a trance and then continue on with some not healthy eating/drinking habits that quite takes my breath away (oh and then tell me how lucky I am to be in such good health, almost forgot that part! lol)

  6. Aha, you got the point right! Most dangerously, is when we are not getting the waste out that it accumulated in our body. So, no effect from our body on ingesting some (synthetic chemical) food, might not be a good sign.

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