Friday Fictioneers – Twin Monuments

Have fun, take the writing challenge this week. Flash Fiction (100 words or less from a photo prompt). Rochelle will guide your way.

Friday Fictioneers

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Photo prompt this week by Sarah Ann Hall, copyright 2013





“Oh, I like the single edifice you’ve added, darling!”

He looked at Amy, the spitting image of Debra.

The twin Amy had secretly helped him bury days before.

She smiled at him, squeezing his hand, “a perfect monument to a miscalculation.”

“What do you mean Amy?”

“John, you two were so transparent. I switched the poisoned glass. Its Amy buried down there, my love. I keep what’s mine, and now … there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Her laughter burning his soul, he stared at Debra in horror while mentally making arrangements for a second edifice to be delivered.


(100 words – yes I actually can do it!)


Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and better tomorrow!

~ Penny


72 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Twin Monuments

  1. Love Debra’s voice – she clearly is not a woman to be crossed. I wish John luck in erecting that second edifice. I have a feeling she might be wise to him. Enjoyed this a lot.

    • She is certainly someone you don’t want to fool with. But since she still loves him or at the least considers him her “conquest” one has to wonder what will happen next!

  2. Dear Penny,
    Methinks that he should forget the monument and high-tail it outta Dodge. If Debra saw through the first plot she’s certainly able to see through the second. Well done.

    • Thank you Rochelle, I can not decide who is the least of these three “bad guys”! But I’m thinking you’re right, Debra seems to stay ahead of the game of deception!

  3. A thought twister this one. Had to read it a few times to get everybody straight!
    Me thinks Debra may get rid of him first… doesn’t he feel the poison already working inside his body, maybe that’s what was burning…maybe not.

    • I agree jules, I spent a little time attempting to insure that it wasn’t confusing as to who was who (at different points in the conversation). Me thinks you’re right, I think he may have outsmarted himself here!

    • Thanks Celestine. When I view a picture I do try to just let my imagination go. I saw two monuments and thought of twins, and the rest just spilled out! I am glad you enjoyed it dear friend! 🙂

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