If I Be Poor in Spirit

I did publish this somewhere else but decided to share it with everyone here as well!



If I be poor in spirit
may I be rich in deed,
If I be poor in doing
May I still plant a seed.


For all that I am not
may I be something more,
For all that I can be
Is what I’m striving for!

“It’s the doing of a thing, that makes it happen!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


21 thoughts on “If I Be Poor in Spirit

    • Thank you for this huge compliment LuAnn, In order to survive I literally had to reshape how I first viewed myself, before I felt I could go on in my life ~ took awhile and a few more adventures but it pretty much ended up being how I feel and live my life now! 🙂 xx

  1. Wow – if I be in poor spirit, may I be rich in deed. So powerful! I’m going to take this one with me today – and see where it connects to my world – what great things will become of today! Beautiful.

    • Thank Robyn! Much love to you and with gratitude to your new best friend for the job he is doing so well (Mr. bicycle). Have an excellent weekend dearest friend, 🙂 xo

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