Muse, Muse thy destiny is calling … where for art thou?


Oh what a tangle web we weave when first we practice to … write something that is publishable!

This is me after many hours of slaving over a hot personal computer, for days without end – okay a slight exaggeration, but my PC is telling me to give it a rest, so warm to the touch is he (yes my pc is a he, okay?) My eyes look a little glazed over, don’t you think!

And I, lost amidst the variable vowels and controversial consonants tempting to temper my volume of voluminous words into a most practical piece of literature (see … you can tell I’ve been writing a smidgen too much here!)

So I ponder on the whole “writing experience” Why do we write? Why do we blog, I mean really? Right now as it turns out creatively writing “posts” a few hundred words on different subjects is mind diverting and gives me the needed break from the book I’m working madly to complete (passed the deadlines already, twice!) Why you ask do I not just devote all my writing towards the book? Well simply because …

… my muse won’t let me. Won’t cooperate at all, going hither and thither, even yon … just won’t settle anywhere that I want it to. Actually I’m close to done, the tightening up on key elements is what’s straining my muse. To include or not to include seems to be the question.

And so it goes. Hopefully will finish up directly and off will go the requested submission for (shuddering here, but still anticipatious – yes I know that’s not a real word) review and editing!

Thanks for being there you guys, I really appreciate your support,

~ Penny


55 thoughts on “Muse, Muse thy destiny is calling … where for art thou?

  1. I have no doubt that your book will be a smashing success. Looking forward to the finished product, as I am sure you are as well. πŸ™‚

  2. I love “anticipatious” and if Harry Potter can put words in the dictionary, so can you, Penny! πŸ™‚ Your Muse will come at his good time and you’ll be very pleased; patience is a virtue? Very original, I know…but hang in there and you’ll make it to the finish line! Hugs!

  3. Best of luck with your book proposal Penny. I can imagine your difficulties. There are so many ways to put things and so many thoughts whirl in the mind. I’m sure that it will be just excellent! Love to you xx

    • Thanks Ruth. I’ve never had this problem before. I think because it’s personal. That is to say being a female myself and having been through a variety of life’s adventures, it’s very important for me to “get it right” and make it count for something, hence too much contemplation on things here! lol, Thank you for your support, very much appreciated by me! xx

  4. Oh you are so close Penny — very excited for you. Don’t rush your muse – and be kind to “Mr. Keyboard” too πŸ™‚ (does he know my bicycle?) lol ~ Rest and take care of you — this book will be a great success… I have no doubt. So much Love ~ and thank your for being here always, Robyn x

    • Hi Robyn, again.:) Can one rush a muse, I wonder? Mr. keyboard knows I’m addicted to him so mostly he stays pacified. πŸ™‚ I’m working on the “resting” part (somewhat) and I’ll take care of me if you will promise to keep taking care of you. Two way street with kindred souls, always! Penny xoxo

  5. I know how you feel Penny, my deadline was 12 months ago, and I’m still editing and….ahhh you know what I mean. I know what you mean about yes my pc is a he because mine is too. It’s obvious they’re males…they’re so disgruntled and cantankerous πŸ™‚

  6. In Italian you say “il computer” not “la computer”, you can say ordinatore… It’s masculin even in French, but no gender in Swedish, just “Den” one way to say it…

    Inspiration, sometimes it’s here, sometimes… I don’t know… The muse having a feast? But I do write nouvels… ☺

  7. like an artist staring at a blank sheet of paper, the mood and attitude changes totally when it’s no longer creating for the joy of creating vs creating for someone else! we start second guessing.

    start writing, and after half an hour your right brain is in charge, and then pretend that you’re doing this for yourself – period, and let that stream flow!

    it will be great!

    • You’re right of course. I do know that … just do it! Thanks, for those words! Coming from you I realize how aware you, yourself are of the distinction our mental processes make. Shall carry on, I appreciate your support and words very much! πŸ™‚

    • You’re right of course. I do know that … just do it! Thanks, for those words! Coming from you I realize how aware you, yourself are of the distinction our mental processes make. Shall carry on, I appreciate your support and words very much! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Stranger, where’ve you been Chris? A publisher asked me to write an inspirational self-help book for women today (it will be in the form of a submission, so once completed, the publishing house will determine if it fills the bill (so to speak)! It is a compliment to be asked, and one I thought would be a breeze, unfortunately because of the topic (inspiring women) it became personal, so unlike fiction I’ve spent too much time worrying about what to say and how to say it! Other than that, Christina and I self-published the children’s book “The Shy Butterfly” thru Amazon as an ebook and we hope to have a hardback for that by this fall. What’s new in your world? Great to see you, we’ve both missed you! πŸ™‚ xx

      • Penny, you will always be one of the most marketable person I know. I thought the cosmetic industry will get you first, but I guess a publishing company isn’t half bad either πŸ™‚ That publisher is one lucky person to have discovered you.
        I am pretty excited about the topic of your book. It seems like yesterday when I learned that a former “adult film star” was publishing a children’s book, or another misguided celebrity is writing a book to inspire the younger generation. I always say, the only way to combat the bad is with the good. It is so fitting that a book about inspiring women is coming from an inspiring woman, or should I say inspiring mother, parent, & grandmother πŸ™‚
        Your book will be fantastic because you are fantastic, even if you are all burnt out.
        And not to dodge your first question, where have I been?…hmm, I need to first figure out if what I’ve been doing is morally good or My lunch buddies and I are still debating over it.
        I can’t wait for the hardcover of The shy butterfy. You can bet your pretty penny I’ll be picking up the first edition. I only read traditional book format to my kids, no ipad/kindle/nook, etc πŸ™‚

        • Thank you Chris! Your words mean much, my friend! I don’t view myself that way, I’m just me, one person, attempting to make a small difference one day at a time. Luckily blessed with supportive and loving people, just like you! πŸ™‚

  8. Isn’t blogging like taking part in an interactive magazine? You can dip into it when you want, and contribute when you want, and you get to read some interesting things and see some great piccies. I’m surprised by how much I enjoy it, didn’t think I would. So it’s good that you muse like the rest of us, gives us something to do over a coffee πŸ™‚

    • Great way of expressing that Mike. It is exactly like taking part in an interactive magazine. I agree amazing enjoyable, all the parts and pieces of the blogging world. And oh the people who populate it, how absolutely cool are they? Yes, I am definitely a muser (and over coffee too)!

  9. When the muse goes for a snooze your mind seems to lose it’s … hues?

    My muse went on walkabouts the other day, It seems to have returned. You’ll work out what needs to in and out, you have a brilliant mind for that, and I eagerly await your book. I look forward to reading and reviewing it πŸ™‚

    Hope Sues the Muse comes back soon πŸ™‚

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