The Conversation

Said the sky to the clouds
“Why do you not rain?”
Said the clouds to the skytree
“It’s just not the same.”


Said the sky to the winds
“why do you not blow?”
said the winds to the sky
“I’m not sure where to go.”


Said the sky to the trees
“Where is your shade?”
Said the trees to the sky
“I fear that I fade”.


Said the sun to the Earth
“what has changed, I can’t see?”
Said the Earth to the sun
“I’m no longer free.”


“I’m caught in between
man’s derision and strife,
From those I provide
I struggle for their lives.”green tree


Said the Sun to the Earth
“Please say it’s not so”,
Said the Earth to the sun
“Yes, I’m afraid so”.


“Very few listen
to that which I say,
They must all work together
There’s no other way”.


“But what can we do
To change what will be”,
“There’s naught”, said the Earth
“for the blind who won’t see!”

* * *

Penny L Howe, 2013
Written on behalf of the Planet we all live upon!

44 thoughts on “The Conversation

    • I do, I can visualize it LuAnn, and someone wise somewhere once said if you can imagine it then it can happen (or something like that! :), oh yeah anything the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved, yeah I think that’s it! 🙂

  1. I love a good tree so two photos is even more pleasing…wise words though, it’s amazing how many people read them then just carry on going on about their own lives as if it’s not really their concerns.

    • Words are easy sometimes aren’t they SteJ, where as actions, a whole nuther thing! Ever the writers of words (me) need to look to our own actions! Nice to see you here!

      • True dat, words need to be backed up with actions. Always a pleasure to potter around and attempt to catch up on some of the many posts that I have missed whilst ironically being under the same room as you.

        • Highly fun and entertaining comes to mind SteJ. Bloggers Unite There needs to be a real time, real location – blogger community that is set up for bloggers to come and visit and share the muse with other bloggers, it’d be a great thing, don’t you think? So many bloggers I’d like to meet in person, sigh!

          • Definitely, there are so many wonderful people out there, I can imagine bumping into a few at the airport on the way, it’s be a very diverse mix of people. I’m sure a lot of people would be up for that as well. I know I would be there with a suit on, unless it was hot.

  2. Oh, Wow, Penny, this the most profound conversation I’ve heard recently! Such an important message and should be read by everyone! Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you a wonderful weekend among the trees, under the blue sky, followed with plenty of sunshine! ♥

  3. Wow Penny – fantastic work. I love the metaphorical impact of these very different forces of nature – conversing and “seeking” truth – just as we humans do. We can learn so much from the trees and the wind; the sun and the sky! Sending you hugs this lovely weekend — Rest and Enjoy!
    Love to you , Robyn

  4. I will never look at the sky the same way again – knowing now that it truly does speak! Lovely! I l can only imagine what conversations I will hear on a beautiful day that we have been gifted today – while working in my garden. I suspect it will be like tapping into a party line!

    • A pretty substantial party line too. Mother nature is most often (inspite of our negative efforts) able to stay connected with everything. I hope you have enjoyed working in the garden. What a great thing to do on a beautiful day!

      • I was in very good company all day yesterday in my garden. The dialogue with nature was rich – and good for the soil. (grin) Hope you enjoyed yesterday too!

        • I am so glad to hear that, I know that nature was probably busy saying “thank you, thank you.” for your kind and loving care. I did enjoy my yesterday, thank you, I also spent a part of myself with nature, Sketching some of it’s beauty! Thank you for asking! xx

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  6. Said Alastair to Penny This is very good you know
    Your love of this planet, to everyone you show

    Okay so it was a bit naff.

    If we don’t stop wrecking this planet, it will be like this.
    Said the Earth to the Antarctic “Where is your ice”
    I will give it back when man starts being nice

      • You’re too kind Penny. It’s definitely not in your league.

        This was a good post though. It is unfortunate that people don’t listen to everyday people you and I. We are nothing to them. Why listen to what we say when it won’t affect them in their current life. There is a book that deals with what the aliens do to teach humanity a lesson for what they are doing to the planet.

  7. Hi Penny. 🙂
    That’s really beautiful. If we all did our part in protecting our environment the planet would be much better off. I’ll re- blog. Have a great weekend, Penny! Hugs Paula xxxx

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