Stand your Ground!

This is for YOU! And you know who you are! I shared this video and song with my followers last year. And just so you know. I watch it myself on the days that seem harder than other days and we all have those. I send this out today to remind you that You can do it!Β You can carry on. You can be strong and brave. You have it within you!

I believe in You after all, with all my heart and you (my blogger friends) know I mean the words I write. It is overwhelming out there, changes coming so fast, hard to cope with, loss, pain, loneliness, too much of too much, and in some cases feeling terribly alone and disconnected.


You are not disconnected here in blog-land! And I know (for a fact) that the bloggers “out there” believe these words too.

We are here for you during your struggles, just as you are here for us. It makes for a HUGE difference. So today, remember you are loved and STAND YOUR GROUND … you’re worth it, you know!

~ Penny


21 thoughts on “Stand your Ground!

  1. I haven’t been able to visit all of your posts recently but my little angel knew I needed this one today! Staying strong and holding on! πŸ™‚ We are at Day 14 in the hospital and Jim has been moved back to ICU.

    • I love you Sharla, and I’m here with you. If there’s anything, at all, I can do please let me know soonest. I’m saying huge prayers right now for Jim and for you to be strong, you can do this … I have faith in you! xoxo

  2. I’ve been smiling at posts I’m reading and then I read this…I nearly cried! Your words are genuine you can feel that, and I for one thank you! Hugs Paula xxxxx

    • Speaking as someone who knows that feeling, Paula, up close and personal, when I say most of the words you read (not the fiction of course lol) I truly mean them. They come from my experiences in life and my heart! Thank you Paula, much love to you, xo

    • I understand completely and am pleased it was of some support. We do need these special “helps” some days. Glad I could make a positive difference for you! much love, Penny

    • Thanks Bulldog. Some days it is a struggle to get through for all of us. The words to the song and the movie (with such a determined heroine) helps remind me that I can. I hope your weekend was good to you! xx

  3. When I saw the title of the post pop up on TweetDeck, I immediately started singing the song by Within Temptation. I remember your post from last year. Both that one and this one are so inspirational.

    You are a true inspiration to all bloggers and non bloggers alike Penny. I thank you .

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