Alastairs Photo Fiction: The Writer’s Box of Inspiration

This weeks prompt for Alastair’s Photo Fiction presents many opportunities for interpretation and variety in the pursuit of crafting creative words. If you enjoy writing, do give Alastair’s writing challenge a try. Just click on the link to participate. With his photo prompt for this week, it seemed a natural thing to write about writers.

We are an interesting group of people aren’t we? The creative desire, no it’s stronger than that, the “need” to express ourselves through the use of the written word. But where does that muse come from anyway?



Photo by Alastair Forbes © copyright 2013


The box had arrived by mail from the law firm of Charles’ deceased great great grandfather. A hugely successful writer, his grandfather was known to have had an amazing gift with the written word. The accompanying letter said the box was to be passed on to the next true writer in the family.

“Ha,” Charles laughed. “Yeah, right”. He held the box in his hands. It seemed to vibrate. Well he did have quite a vivid imagination. Too bad his imagination wasn’t helping with his story. He laid his manuscript in the box and closed the lid. Perhaps he’d try again in a few days.

Meanwhile in another dimension and time,

“Look, look, more sheets with symbols have arrived in the box today, Gatto,” his assistant cried out.

Gatto peered into the sacred box of knowledge, located in the place of honor within the temple for longer than anyone knew. His job to care for, if not understand its purpose.

He pulled the sheets of paper out of the box and stared at the strange symbols that lay upon them. He knew there must be much meaning here.

He shook his head as to the mysteries of life. Time to deliver this magic to the elders. They would be very excited. It had been a long time since they had communicated with the Gods.

 ~ * ~

Yes, I did exceed 150 words. But the story line was so much fun to explore, I just couldn’t help myself here. Hoping you still enjoyed a slightly longer flash fiction! And thank you Alastair for providing such an excellent photo to work with this week. Okay so time to put my latest offerings into my own box of inspiration (my pc connecting me to other amazing bloggers)!

Have a great day today!

~ Penny


37 thoughts on “Alastairs Photo Fiction: The Writer’s Box of Inspiration

  1. This is great. It reminds me of Star Trek and the Prime Dirctive of not interfering with other cultures – well those who don’t know more advanced ones exist. How we all somehow intertwine in space and time, even when we don’t think we do. A bit Twilight Zone too!

    Thanks for your visit.

    • Thank you very, very much for your words of praise. I’d love to pop in the box (if I’d fit) and jump out at the other end and say “Boo!” or some other equally insightful deed for the elders to ponder over! 🙂 xx

    • The idea was (I was not clear enough of on this) that the manuscript in the writers box got transported to the place of elders. Hi Celestine, hope your week has started off well for you! 🙂

        • That is good to hear Celestine. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences there. It had to be exciting and enriching being surrounding by other creative women – all that positive energy! 🙂

          • I t was Penny. You know what, some of the writers are friends or friends of friends. I even got to meet one Ghanaian blogger friend who lives in the US and had come home for vacation 🙂 It was so exciting meeting her. We had been talking online for ages and had even arranged a lunch date which could not come on for lack of time. Hmm, she is leaving back to the US on Wednesday.

            • Fantastic, I envy you the experience but am so happy for you at the same time, Celestine. Sorry about the lunch date, but still what excellent memories to carry forward! 🙂

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