A Feeling of Happiness ~ share!

You know the feeling I’m talking about

it reaches right up inside you and suddenly – everything – feels

incredibly wonderful. Just everything!




Isn’t it just about the best feeling ever!

Just imagine if we could capture it in a bottle.

Save it for those days where we need

to uncap the bottle of happiness and take a swig or two (or more).

Savor the taste, the flavor ~ inhale it, swallow in gulps.

Yes, that’s the happiness I’m talking about.




I have a few bottles I’ve been saving up

And it dawned on me that happiness is not

to be selfishly contained but spread around.

No more hoarding happiness for me.

When I think of Β all the beautiful warm and loving

people that live on our planet I am happy.

When I breath in the fresh air (because I can) I’m happy.

When I witness and am a part of nature in all it’s glory

I’m happy.




When I think how amazing lucky I’ve been

in my life, (I survived) I’m happy.

When I hear, read or view the beautiful

music,words and art that others have created

I’m happy.

When I think of my family and friends

(of course this includes those talented loving blogging friends)

I’m happy.




When I see anyone with a big smile on their face

I’m happy.

And as I write this I realize, I am happy

so today,I share my happiness with you.

And it’s big enough to embrace

the entire planet and all of you!

Love and happiness to all of you!

YOU deserve it


Make it so!




Share your happiness with me.

We’ll laugh and Β be happy

and then we’ll make a positive difference

together ~ Happiness works best

in groups. Because very large groups

of loving, compassionate and caring people

is a very happy thing.

As I’ve shared my happiness

with you today, amazingly enough

it turns out

I now have even more to share

for today

and tomorrow and all the days ahead,

You are not alone.


happy children


Come ~ share your happiness with me.

If you’ve been missing happiness lately

I’ve noticed that it is quick to return

right after an awareness of

humble gratitude for that which you do have.

And remembering to appreciate this

by sharing with others!

Happiness seems to magically appear

soon after …

In large doses. Truly!

Have a most happy day today,

~ Penny


40 thoughts on “A Feeling of Happiness ~ share!

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  2. I daresay that if it were possible, I’d fill a whole fleet of tankers with happiness, joy, peace, and hope and send them to Oklahoma today. The prayers of a nation are once again lifting, sad that it takes such tragedy before people do that, though.

    • Yes I believe you would and I’d be driving one of them for you! “The prayers of a nation”, those are true and uplifting words. And yes its sad that it takes a tragedy for so many to look beyond self interest and reach out to others in need.

    • Hi, Lesley, thank you. I will be ever so glad to share both kinds of bottles with a kindred spirit! (Spirits for kindred spirits, has a nice ring to it, I think :)) having said, that I lift my glass in a toast to your happiness with a glass of beautiful, finely tuned, buttery-oaked, liquid gold piece of perfection, and in two days its National Chardonnay Day celebrating the richness of this golden wine, something else to celebrate, but happiness first, as always dear friend! πŸ™‚

  3. I am so happy you are happy, I bought a bottle of happiness too! πŸ™‚ There are many things to be ahpy about as you say so beautifully above. Let’s have a very ahppy day together! Love you Penny!

  4. The sunshine of your happiness was obvious while reading that, Penny. It flowed through your words and into my heart. Thank you dear Penny xo

  5. I have had a happy day and it continues such… so I intend to have a happy night as well… but most of all I’m happy my wife flies home tomorrow.. so tomorrow will be a happy day as well…

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