This I believe

Almost a year ago I wrote this piece. I’m sharing it again with you today.




I believe that deep inside lies a flame. A light if you will. I call it faith. I don’t mean religion. Religion is how many chose to embrace, celebrate and nurture their faith. But faith comes in all formats and I believe in each one of us exists this glowing essence. Faith is the language of the soul. The glow from within.

The flame glows mightily for some and almost imperceptibly for others. But it’s always there, none the less.

Some spend their lives disbelieving what their soul whispers to them in the night. Some spend their lives questioning that which they cannot understand even though they feel it inside. Some spend their lives on a quest embracing that which they cannot understand but chose to accept. And some radiate the glow from within for all to see.

Faith is the language of our soul and whatever you decide to accept and believe, it will always be there inside, waiting to come forth. I believe faith is the flame that shines within your soul that brightens your hopes, your dreams, your possibilities, your life. This I believe.

~ Penny


26 thoughts on “This I believe

  1. I have travelled through various stages of faith. Right now – (Just today) I was having some doubts. I’ll knock myself out of it though. I always do.
    This migraine doesn’t help. It’s my 4th one since Friday – UGH!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Mitzie, I’ve felt this way about faith since I was 17. Nothing in life since then has caused me to change these feelings, in fact my life experiences has only increased these feelings. 🙂

  2. My mum is very spiritual so I guess I kind of tend to believe a lot of what she believes. Not saying its
    for everyone, but it brings me that peace. just like reading your post has. Right now I need to surround myself with that love and peace! 🙂 Great post, Penny! Hugs Paula xxx

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