An aspect of being … a human being!

contemplationIs it not fascinating that we, human beings, are gifted from birth with so many working processes and capabilities. Attributes (sensory, mental, physical and spiritual) enabling us to embrace, with a wonderful fullness, the miraculous mystery of life itself.

Instead, many human beings chose to view life (at a distance) making judgement calls through the limiting lens of insecurity and fear.

They see life’s inconsequentialities (now that’s a substantial word isn’t it, especially when it means something so very simple – “that which lacks importance”), but they/we leap upon these trivialities making of them meanings of importance, building upon our (and others) manufactured fears instead of nurturing truths that lay within and all around.

But there you have it, the nature of the human “being”. Are weexploring programmed to think so negatively, or has some portion of our “flight or fight” survival mechanism morphed it’s way into this state of being/existence.

I, for one find this a most undesirable trait and “state of existence” to live within.

May I recommend and strongly encourage you to consider a move – from this “state” of being to new territory. One that includes the richness of all that life has to offer. It’s out there, this vast unexplored (for many) territory of being. Yours for the asking, yours for the believing, yours for the doing.

Do not allow your mind to be “house bound” as the result of fears and misconceptions. Open yourself up and live. That is what life is all about, after all! But its still up to you to determine the aspect of your being, your choice – as always!

… In closing, beautiful and enabling words from a woman born without the attributes almost all of us take for granted; vision, hearing and for many years speech, yet she managed to overcome her adversities and indeed fully explored the richness of life itself. If she can do this, why can’t we?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” ~ Helen Keller



~ Penny


28 thoughts on “An aspect of being … a human being!

  1. This post made me sad for my mother-in-law. This is exactly what I wish for her, to see that fullness that life has to offer. Thank you once again for a thought-provoking post.

    • You’re very welcome LuAnn. There is that which we can always do when we think we can do no more, or feel a sense of being handicapped/frustrated for that which we can’t do. To accept some of what exists (not with resignation but with profound respect and understanding) and then keep your heart open, love unconditionally and allow “that” to be enough my dearest friend!

        • I experienced that one with my dad (whom I was never close to) and yet I happened to be the one with him (I sent the other family members home including my sisters who didn’t want to leave, but they were so tired) – an oddity of fate, holding his hand when he squeezed mine goodbye (he was in intense pain, the final stages of bone cancer). It was painfully, heartbreaking for me (who had always longed so much for his acceptance and love, but I understood, finally why things had happened that way. It is life, and we cannot change some things, as I said but accept and as gently but firmly as possible do those things we can to make a positive difference, knowing it may not be understood as appreciation, but in fact, sometimes it is appreciated, just not shown until almost too late. Much love to you LuAnn.

  2. Wow! Do you really need to take a break from blogging? Lol I feel your my security blanket and inspire me! Now how terribly selfish am I? Lol This is true and you write it always so beautifully. Huge hug, Penny. Hugs Paula xxx

    • Nope Paula, no plans for that right now. My message was universal to people who personally can get trapped inside their thoughts. I have been on a mission (well a very quiet little one), almost since the beginning of my blogging last year. That’s to make a positive difference for as many people as possible – one person at a time. I think ever few months I mention this to different people who ask me “Why” I say and write the things I post”. It’s been my personal mantra for years. One I sincerely believe in. It’s been a blogging goal since I first started posting. My family would say “Oh that’s a Pennything, ha,ha,ha!)

      I’m hoping a few others will follow and also make this simple difference in their lives, not so hard to do when it’s one at a time, it’s rewarding and fulfilling and does take one “out” of oneself! A win-win situation my friend! I’m still waving at you too! Hope you have a good nights rest (down under) and that your Wednesday is an excellent one for you! with much affection, Penny xx

  3. Hi Alastair, great post, and I couldn’t agree more πŸ™‚
    Fear restricts so many of our decisions….even when we don’t notice… creeps in and tres to keep s safe.

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  5. It is so true Penny… we sometimes have to deprogram our own belief systems – those that don’t serve us or others. I truly love Helen Keller. Her autobiography was the first one I ever read as a small girl! I agree with her words that you’ve shared. Much Love to you and giant hugs ~ Robyn

    • Hi Robyn. I feel the same about Helen Keller, apart from her incredible life story and journey, the woman herself is a masterpiece of wisdom and insight. She, all by herself is a gift that everyone should know of and learn from. Lots and lots of love to you dearest friend, xoxo

  6. πŸ™‚

    You know, I felt this one was aimed at me. The reason being is that it is aimed at all of us. Because my first attempt at a relationship has just failed (in under a week – that’s almost a record for me) I was in danger of shutting (whoops – spelling error there lol ) away from the world again. I knew I was heading that way, I just had to stop myself. I don’t like ending things. Not when I know it is going to hurt someone, but I would have been living a lie, and it’s more important to stop it before it starts. I digress though. I stopped myself from heading that way. I had to talk my way out of it with myself. Funnily enough, It was you and another good friend that were the voices in my head telling me to calm down and get my mind back in the open again, and not to shut down.

    It is not an easy feat to get through when you are someone that can’t handle hurting people. I suppose the best way of saying it is that our inconsequentialities are inconsequential πŸ˜€ Sorry .. had to use it, I like the word

    • Hi Alastair, yes you are right, it is aimed at everyone. We, all of us, a work in progress. Each must decided what is good for oneself. In a brief relationship I think it is best, if there are conflicts (emotional concerns from the beginning) for things to end quickly, it’s less painful for both sides, my friend! And I like the word too! xx

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