The Written Word!




I – the written word

To many I am transient,

evanescent vapor.

In the moment, well thought of,

but just as quickly put aside.

my creative purpose, too frequently, surpassed,

seemingly for a better one.

And I in the midst of presentation

of poignant knowledge,

for your acquisition and enlightenment,

am left behind.

My sole passion to create your passion,

shaded subtleties and secrets

I would share for those who dare to read and learn.

Not just partake as in a feast,

feeding temporary hunger and then moving on.

Do I illuminate most vividly or is your viewing superficial?

My value and meaning dependent entirely on you.

And I – the written word – await the outcome!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thank you, have a great day!

~ Penny


19 thoughts on “The Written Word!

  1. I like this so much Penny! It is so true, we are truly dependent on the views of others in relation to how our words affect them. Yours are never superficial and I value them and all that you have to say. Sending a warm hug to you on this Sunday morning dear Penny xx

  2. Oof! This is great, words are so versatile but it is the writer and reader who hold the pwer to get the most out of all the nuances. I could languish in this post for a good while. ‘shaded subtleties and secrets’ is my favourite line…I think, there are so many.

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