Friday Fictioneer’s – Some things never change!

Friday Fictioneer’s time. Yes, that time again when a very fun and talented group of people gather (once a week) to take part in a writing challenge using a photo as a prompt. Lots of interactions and comments can follow!

Brought to you each week by the charming Rochelle, the challenge is to write a Flash Fiction (short-short story) in 100 words or less (approximately). This weeks photo prompt below, along with my offering. If you want to try your hand at this (it is fun) just click on the link above for more instructions on how to enter. Good writing to you and here’s my offering for the week:



photo by Danny Bowman, copyright 2013


Ringggggg …


“No I’m sorry he’s not here right now? But I’d be happy to take a …” click!

Ringgggg …


“No he’s still not home but if you’d like to leave your” …click!


“Hello … hello?” … click!

Ringgggg …

“Hello, listen I don’t know who you are but if you’ll just leave a
message, I’ll make sure he get’s it …”

……..A pause and then,

“You’re at a phone booth, okaaay … that’s the whole message?”

“And you’re waiting for him at the bus station! Who is this?”

“What? No, this isn’t his sister. This is his wife … hello?” click!


Except for the absence of a “click“, somethings in life never change!


Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer’s – Some things never change!

    • Thank you. Have you ever noticed when you are in the same room with someone and they are speaking to someone on the phone (usually now a cell phone, lol) that you only hear the one half (conjuring up in your mind what the other half is saying? That’s how I felt while I was writing this one! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  1. Some things in life replay so many times in different ways. Always with someone else being used as an alibi. Whether it is calling a wife a sister; sleeping with someone then telling the spouse it was a visit to the opposite sex than they did; the phone can tell so many secrets.

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