My trip to Mars!

A SHARED MEMORY FROM MY PAST: When I was in the 8th grade I was shy but friendly with my fellow 8th graders. I lived in the country. So the size of the classes were relatively small. About 20 students. But I loved to write stories.

So one day I began to write a science fiction (yes I loved it even back then) story about a flying saucer landing in the play area of the school grounds. They (the aliens) were here for the purpose of choosing which students would go with them back to their planet to learn about life on another world.

trip to mars

A friend sitting to my left asked to read the first few pages and then the boy sitting next to her asked to read them and so on until the story circulated from desk to desk. Every day I added new written pages. Naturally many of the students were characters in the story, so we were all having great fun with this, until the day I looked up to see the principal (Mr. Dunbar – his actual name) standing next to my desk with his hand out (I guess word had gotten out).

I handed him (very nervously, he was always so stern appearing) the latest few pages. He stood there reading them and then said “You know Penny it isn’t fair not to share this story with everyone”. So he told my teacher she should let me, everyday, stand in front of the class (OH NO, remember I was shy and very self conscious about my speaking voice!) and read the latest installment. Which I nervously did. To the cheers of the whole class, and my embarrassment.

Penny L HoweYes the fiction had a happy ending. A few of the students “of course I was one” were chosen and went to live on Mars! Yes at that time it was definitely the “Go To” place, in outer space. My Title of this fantasy, very uninspiring … “My Trip to Mars“!

As I reflect on this story today, I think to myself how much like blogging this experience was, where we write and then interactively share our written words with others. Who knew I’d be sharing my stories with others around the planet when I grew up … Not Mars perhaps, but ever so cool. Blogging and bloggers, yes indeed! And no principal peering over my shoulder either!

Thanks for your time to visit me today, Have a great day!

~ Penny

48 thoughts on “My trip to Mars!

  1. I lovely childhood memory, and I’m not surprised that even back then a shy little girl had all around her enthralled, just as it is today. πŸ™‚

  2. !!! You do know what they say about “great minds” huh?!
    We’ve been re-viewing our “Lost in Space”, “Invaders” and [of course!] “Star Trek” dvds with great great joy and to see your post today…
    I love your sketch and story! It’s wonderful how you’ve kept that thread linking to your childhood alive! Very few people retain that instant access [I know you know what I mean!].
    πŸ™‚ Happy Wednesday, my dear! xxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Marina, thank you and I’m glad you guys have been enjoying your space dvd’s. I “love” the outer space of things, always have. And I never thought about the instant access thing, just take it for granted, close my eyes and the memory appears like a video. Happy Wednesday to you also dear friend! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  3. Isn’t it incredible that some of us are tapping into something here in our blog-world that we loved and thrived on as children!!?! Wow – what a great story– and so glad for the happy ending and your ultimate trip to MARS!! Made me smile a lot reading about it… So much Love and Hugs dearest one ~ x RL

    • Hi Robyn. I’m thinking about another visit there (still waiting for the martians to return though – maybe they are having political unrest as well lol) Thanks have the bestest day dearest friend of mine, all my love to you xo

  4. I wanted to say look behind you the principle is there… but you had already covered that point… is it not a fact that we have all (I mean previous generations) in some manner blogged.?? Either in books, magazines and even paintings.. today more of us have the chance to add our own little bit… but my wonder goes to the future… say 30 – 40 years from now.?? what will it be like then…..

    • An awesome thought Bulldog. First that we have all “blogged” in different manners but the future of blogging … it sounds so very exciting and positive! Yes … I like your thoughts very much! xx

  5. We have something else in common, Penny! I also like science fiction and currently have 2 sci-fi novels in the works. My fiction trends more towards the supernatural and / or psychological. I also wrote up a piece on my blog last October entitled β€œDreams Bigger than Ourselves” in which I mentioned sending humans to Mars.

    • An excellent piece Alejandro, I just finished reading it. Outstanding! Well I was younger at the time so the adult science fiction I enjoy is a little bit more sophisticated! I also enjoy the supernatural! πŸ™‚

  6. That doesn’t surprise me with you Penny. It seems you have been an inspiration for a great many years. Even when you were a shy likkle school girl you inspired a school. And now .. what? 50 years later? … you are inspiring thousands. A skill many would love to have.

    A great trip down memory lane there, thank you for taking us down there with you.

  7. WOW Penny, that is an awesome story! I love that your principal even wanted to read it. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to a shy 8th grader. And now, you are still entertaining a new class and we’re cheering you on πŸ˜‰

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