The Dance of love – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to the weekly writer’s challenge Friday Fictioneers. An excellent writing troupe to join. Enjoy traveling the globe, exploring and commenting on other writer’s “100 word” offerings, after entering your own, of course. As always a special thank you to Rochelle for making this wonderful challenge available to us. To enter click on the link above.

This weeks photo prompt provided by Janet Webb (copyright, 2013):

The photo and my 100 word offering:



For 100 nights in a row, she came.

Head on pillow, he’d fall asleep. Within minutes she’d arrive, tickling his ear, whispering “let’s dance”. Intoxicated, he’d hold her in his arms experiencing heaven. Her gown caressed his body with each movement. In dreamlike trance, they’d dance the night away.

On the 100th night she’d kissed him for the first time and said goodbye. In the morning he woke remembering. The gown, with her lingering fragrance, lay on his bed.

It hangs on the balcony now. In hopes one day she’ll return again to dance the dance of love with him.


Thanks for stopping by to read, I hope your week is going well for you!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

86 thoughts on “The Dance of love – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Penny,
    I’m with Janet on the true story. Lovely, funny and sad all at the same time. Sounds like your parents left you as their living legacy.
    I loved the veiled mystery of your dream story. It had a sweetness to it that I enjoyed.

    • Hi Rochelle, thank you so much.
      Regarding a few of the other comments here, I find that placating a macho tendency that permeate’s the male physique is sometime’s the easiest thing to do! The character in the story does stay hopeful for the return of his romantic (dreams?) with memories of the love and joy they shared dancing together. The mystique continues unabated! 🙂 As it should! 🙂

  2. 100 nights to have to wait to get kissed and whatever, and then only the dress remains? Is this guy crazy to have waited a 100 nights? Did he kill her after what she put him through? Was he lousyafter that first kiss and that’s why she ran off? But why did she run off without her dress on? Did she steal his clothes?

    All-important questions a guy has to ponder on when it comes to lap dances.. er, I mean, love dances.

    A very good and thought provoking piece. Randy

    • Laughing out loud here Randy. Yes, from a man’s perspective too true indeed! Hmmm, let me think.

      So this is what really happened, for 100 days she does the dance of the veils for him slowly revealing her lovely body and of course events continued on from there each night. On the 100th night after passionate love making she gently kisses him goodbye (which is a good thing because it’s football season so he won’t have to take time away from his second favorite sport!)

      He just has to get the dress out of the way so there’s room for all his buddies (big screen tv is in the bedroom) when they come over for the Monday night game! Okay and she left the dress behind because, well you know women, she didn’t like it anymore! And a happy ending for all! Dreamy romance for women and reality for … guys!

  3. Awww I love this. Love can do wonderful things. I think the way you described this captures the imagination perfectly and draws you in. I love it Penny [I was about to press submit when I realised I had missed the word it LOL]

    I read what you wrote to Bulldog as well. That was very moving. How long after that did she go to dance with him?

    • Thank you Bulldog! A wonderful thought isn’t it? My mom and dad were married for 65 years, they loved to dance together. One year after my dad was gone mom said to me … I think it’s time for me to join your dad, We can dance together in heaven. And she did! (true story Bulldog!) xx

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