The Other Side

Please don’t misunderstand me. While this video is a reality representing various conditions of human existence on this planet, I am not saying that the pursuit of pleasure is a bad thing. It is a good thing to pursue happiness and pleasure as well as the fulfillment of reaching one’s goals in life.

I’m only pointing out (what we know, but choose not to dwell on): the distance (discrepancy) between those who have and those who do not. It is too extreme, and should not exist today on this “enlightened?” “educated?” and “informed?” planet.



The video is just a clarifying point between “Those who have and those who do not.” “Those who are free and those who are not.” “Those who starve and those who do not.” “Those who live and those who do not!”

And a reminder of what we “civilized individuals in pursuit of our own personal goals” take for granted, every single day, as the distance between those who have and those who do not, increases with the passing of each day.


kindle subscribers can view this video online at:
You Tube – The Other Side,
by the videoettes

Thank you,

~ Penny


17 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. Simply doing without the basics is truly sad. Nobody on this earth should have to be without the basics for survival.
    If I see someone without & I have cash on me – I always let them have it. I may be “broke” for the day or so. But – these people are broke, have nowhere to live/sleep, & have nothing to eat. It truly breaks my heart.

    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. We forget sometimes how some people’s excellent day is having $2 put into a cup for them. Their best day comes from finding enough food for every member of the family. Their happiness is just waking up in the morning.

    Being where I live, I see a lot of cars going past. The other day, I saw a Ferrari followed by an old jalopy. I did feel for the ones behind. Wondering if they were thinking “I would love something like that” or if they were thinking “haha look at that – more money than sense”. I know I have been guilty of that, even recently. My local shop was doing a deal on buying the new XBOX One. A £20 $30.31 deposit and I can trade in my XBOX 360 knocking off £110 $166.69 leaving the excellent deal of only having to pay £269 $407.64 instead of £399 $604.64 It sounds a great deal Then I think of the people who would love that deposit money £20 $30.31 to buy a birthday present for their kids, or even dinner. This is one of the reasons I can’t walk past someone who is sitting there asking for money. I won’t give them money, but I will buy them something .. a drink or food.

  3. It should be a prerequisite for life to spend an ample amount of time in an underdeveloped or developing country. Imagine the shift in perspective if we all embarked on such a journey.

  4. Penny, as you rightly pointed out there is nothing wrong in pursuing the pleasure, like the old saying, that it should not be at the expense of other people’s (or Nature’s) agony. Today, we are all held responsible for the a lot of problems (especially related to nature) in today’s modern world, I am afraid our civilization has moved only a tiny toe step in human history.


    • That is generous of you kc, from my perspective. We are all responsible with each action we take, each decision we make. It all adds or subjects from the whole. I stay hopeful, but as you say the tiny toe needs to encourage the whole foot to start taking bigger steps so we can really begin to move forward successfully into the future. Thank you for your thoughts on this subject, it is a very important one.

  5. Yes Penny — so easy to forget… and I agree, we take so much for granted… I don’t believe any of us were born to be separate – we are all one…and we can’t ignore or escape the suffering and pain amongst us… Thank you for this vivid reminder! x Love to you bestest friend of mine ~ x RL

    • Hello Robyn. We (all of us) are one, you are right. A ‘one’ that struggles towards that understanding so progresses slowly but I have big hopes bestest pal of mine, as do you! Much love, xoxo

  6. Brilliant post dear Penny 😉 Refusing to be unhappy when others are suffering only leads to mutual unhappiness. True happiness is not in its possession but in the sharing of it. xxxxx

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