A Very Special Sketch

This is the second week of my participating in Lisa’s (Playamart – Zeebra Design) wonderful Timeout for Art! If you like to sketch or even think you might like it, check it out.Timeout for Art:  Through A Child’s Eyes     Creative fun, and great therapy for calming the inner conflicts of your mind.


When I picked out the sketch shown here. I did not know her title for this week Through A Child’s Eyes and the fun quote that went with it. We were commenting back and forth just before she posted it and I shared with her that I had a special drawing to share.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her title because my drawing concerns things as viewed through a child’s eyes. Artists (This includes all creative souls by the way) are kindred spirits indeed.

This drawing in my sketchbook is unfinished (just a little shading and details not completed) but all the more special because of what it does contain. (notice the child like drawings)

Ever since I was small I would draw things around me, I still do.

About six years ago I was visiting my daughter and her family and decided to sketch little Jack and his older sister Jordan who were intently watching a TV show.

I drew in the main details of their back sides and some of the pieces of furniture, part of the lamp, tv and so on when Jack decided to leave the room (of course) so I began some of the shading and filling in of the drawing. I figured I’d finish the rest of the detail and the shading the next day. I set the drawing pad aside for the day.

When I looked at it the next day, the very youngest member of the family had added her own art to the drawing. She was very proud of her work. She pointed out to me the picture on the wall and the characters in the TV, the clock underneath and so on! The sketch became priceless to me, just as it was!

It’s a few years later now and at the ripe young age of 11 Emma loves to draw more than anything else. And she’s good!

My message for today, draw for the joy of it and if you have children, be encouraging if they show an interest in drawing. It’s a very good thing to do!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

37 thoughts on “A Very Special Sketch

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  2. what a beautiful story and drawing, not to mention the message very good, my eye just went to the drawings by Emma notice right away, how sweet this is the kind of thing you never forget, simply priceless. Very good entry Penny I put a link to it in my drawing, for some reason I could not see it, been having problems with my word press but glad you link it to me.

    • Thank you Doris, so very much. To me drawing enhances my own awareness of things around me. That my granddaughter feels the same love of life and drawing (at a very young age) and wanted to be a part of my vision while introducing her own, is a gift beyond measure, my friend! 🙂 xx

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  4. This is a great sketch! (Then – again – I haven’t seen anything you’ve sketched be less than great). A perfect moment captured for the theme!
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  5. Thanks for this post, Penny. My second boy is always drawings and sketching and in my desire to make him love reading I almost always neglect to encourage him to draw. His sketches are so good you won’t believe it. I wish I could post some on the blog. Unfortunately I can’t as I seem to be having problems there. ( up to now, I am unable to post the funeral pictures because either I don’t know how to or the network is so slow over here it is not picking the photos )

    I’m going to get him some sketch pads and pencils to get him going 🙂

    BTW, that is a great sketch you have there 🙂

    • Thank you Celestine. I really wish I could view your son’s sketches, darn it all! I hope those technical problems get figured out. Yes please do (re: sketch pad and pencils, it is an excellent way to assist not only creativity but also expands a child’s awareness of those things around him). Thanks again for your compliment my friend! 🙂 xx

  6. this is so great! i noted the lovely shading on the sofa, and the whimsical art on the ‘television’ screen, and then i read the story! how great! of course you will forever treasure that drawing!

    yes, we were in tune with this week’s theme… your post is the perfect compliment to mine!

  7. Wonderful artwork, Penny, and what a keepsake…I used to draw when I was a little girl, too, but now writing has taken its place! You are a friend of many talents! Sending hugs!

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