Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends)

you are loved


love's lullaby

Love’s Lullaby

Just as a mother feels the beat of unborn child
I feel the rhythm from your heart ~ you are loved.
The music of you heartbeat so piercing and so sweet
you are special and unique and ~ you are loved.
 Yes there are those bad days, bad times,
(hard, hard, hard ones too),
but, hush now, hush now, do not cry ~ you are loved.
I sing for you a heart song to nourish you within
You are safe, and you are cherished ~ you are loved.
 Let my strength pick up your spirits
carry you along.
You aren’t alone, you aren’t forgotten ~ you are loved.
 You my friend so beautiful
I sing to let you know.
Do not be sad, I’m here for you ~ you are loved.


“On those loneliest days when you feel such despair
Reach out your hand, a friend will be there!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


58 thoughts on “Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends)

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    • After reading your beautiful and moving words I was inspired to do so, Amber. I’m not a singer but I actually came up with the melody for this also. Don’t laugh here, but I hummed it into my webcam so I wouldn’t forget the melody, now I just need to find someone who can sing to turn it into a real lullaby, lol! Much, much love to you my friend! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you very much nia. Bulldog is such a warm and caring man, and an outstanding photographer as well! Thank you for visiting and commenting here, very much appreciated!

      Penny xx

        • Nah, no hating … you can end up accidentally in a playback loop” that way. You know I have an overactive tear duct (cry easy) but it lets the icky stuff out. So that’s cool. Dry you eyes, I don’t know you, but you write well and I have a hunch there’s a lot more good stuff inside of you waiting to come out … just a hunch! xx

        • Hi penny
          Its just painful stuff that im plodding my way through ..guess just like all my fellow bloggers..
          As for the crying im really trying to belong to my family and battling as they only wanna know me if i play happy families “”and cnt anymore ” sorry i can feel myself getting angry oh man…i so wanna belong !! ???were do i fit in life ?
          Thank you for kind words !

          • Just a few things for you to think on here. You happen to fit perfectly within yourself. Sometimes (we female nurturers) forget to nurture ourselves!

            Perhaps it’s time for you to be good to you, for you (not selfish but developing personal self worth, a whole different thing!). You’ll discover the family views you differently also. And you’ll end up fitting where you want to fit. How about that?

            You are so very welcome, I hope my words are of some value Lisa! They are meant to help, and I base these words on my own experiences in life! Take care of you, Penny xx

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