Happy Weekend Bloggers,



I’m hoping that everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

My plans include relaxing, and more relaxing (well besides some work in the yard – a good workout and the yard thanks me)!

– a field trip for sketching, nature calls to me (fun)!

– a few hours of the written word (addiction)!

– happily reading, lost in someone else’s words!

– playing and enjoying the family!

– some quiet time, music and reviewing solitary thoughts!
Mostly reminding myself to take care of me (not being selfish,
here just reminding myself of my own self worth –
A reminder to each of you!)!
“Nurturer ~ nurture thyself! You can’t be there for others
if you’re not there for you FIRST!” ~ Penny L Howe, 2013
Β *

Steaming coffee

That sums it up, how about you?

~ Penny


34 thoughts on “Happy Weekend Bloggers,

  1. Ill be okay i usually do this shift once a fortnight …so the family are pretty use to it lol
    have to say though i sure would love being home connecting with my boys they both intellectual disabilities ..but extremely talented in there own ways older one does photography and paints finishing school …we often draw together
    My baby his my sports man ..sorry side tracked…
    Ya hubby is amazing man..
    Thx im trying to take care of me in little steps xxx

    • One is never side tracked when speaking of the love of your children. You sound very much on track there. Your boys sound amazing and talented too. And your husband, well amazing is an awesome thing to have around you. And little steps moving forward are much better than big steps! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. My weekend so far has been full. I’ve had no time for me. I’m happy to have my kids back home, they’ve been at their mum’s for a week, and I have to call her to give her reasons the kids don’t want to go back if she doesn’t change them 😦 Stress on that part. My sister turned up randomly. Stress. So I am going to sit down with pencil and paper and see if I can release stress by drawing something or write something. We’ll see, I think I may just post my photo and leave the blogging world (hahaha like that would happen) Your quote is up now though πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend my friend

    • I am sorry for the stressful start of your weekend Alastair, how wonderful that you still go online and inspire others. You are to be congratulated for this my friend. As to your “posting your photo” comment, I’ll just say “goofball!”

      Hoping the rest of your weekend shapes into something positive and special for you and your family! πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Thanks penny …sounds like some very wise words!
    Wish i could be home this weekend with my family as its long weekend here but work calls i do 27hour shift and only home at 3sunday …
    But my husband has ensured me roast and cosy up in lounge with my sons is on our agenda …so im quite content with that plan as its cold here!
    Take care enjoy all you have planned !

    • Wow a 27 hour shift, you’re going to be wiped out – I know I would be!) But your husband sounds like a peach of a guy, roasty and cosy in lounge, yes! Definitely something to look forwards to. Thank you, I’ll take care of me if you take care of you, too! xx

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