Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Geared to Immortality!

It’s Sunday.  Time for another flash fiction challenge at Alastair’s Photo Fiction. below is the photo prompt for this week: Join in the fun, just click on the link for details!



It was a private room. Her special retreat. A room where she stored her first invention. So proud she’d been, that day. A simple thing, and not the first by any means, but these particular gears had a special quality to them. And the subsequent chain of events which had followed her invention, never far from her mind. Especially today – the anniversary. Some people had called it magic. The scientists had been baffled. She didn’t know either but tried not to dwell on these things, unsuccessfully!

Today, she stood inside this hidden room remembering with disbelief her many yesterdays, thinking on her tomorrows of eternity. A secret she wasn’t aware of buried deep in her soul. She didn’t know how it could have happened, but it had.

But the price paid, unimaginable!

One thousand years had passed since that fateful day the gears of motion had made her immortal!


(150 words)

To find out what happened to our inventor on that first day, stay tuned for my next post for this week’s Haibun Challenge. The word prompt is Anniversary! This is my way of encouraging writers to enter both of these wonderful writing challenges! So much fun and very rewarding!


~ Penny

Penny L Howe

24 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Geared to Immortality!

  1. Sounds intriguing. Thought about the Haibun thing but I’m not sure about the little bit of poetry at the end. Not really my thing. I’m a strictly stories man!

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