Are you hiding?

Come out!

Sure some days are really hard! But hiding doesn’t help anything!


Some days are really good too. It’s the nature of things. In fact take a walk today in nature. In the countryside or a nearby park. If you live near a body of water go there. Throw a rock or two in the water as you walk along the shoreline

Remove yourself from that which seems overwhelming while you expose yourself to that which is raw, real and still beautiful. Face life head on.


Nothing does that better than nature. If it’s raining than grab an umbrella. Seeing things through raindrops is a wonderful experience also. When I lived in Florida I would race to the shore line on stormy days to watch the waves crash into the boulders, I’d get soaked but it didn’t matter because nature was having it’s way with me. And sometimes the best thing to do is to just go with that flow

So come out from hiding, remind yourself why you’re alive, it’s the nature of things!

hiding safely


~ Penny


40 thoughts on “Are you hiding?

    • You are a “nature child” LuAnn, through and through, so keep those thoughts and memories nestled safe inside you to remind that one day, soon, will come again for both of you! πŸ™‚ xx

  1. I shall indeed get a life, I went to the library and everything and I also interacted with a lorry driver. Versatility is (another one of) my middle name(s).

  2. What a lovely post. I love nature. It shows us true beauty with no make up. It can make us see what life can truly be like with no interference. I love capturing nature in it’s full splendour. I love the vibrant colours and the life going about it’s business with no worries.

    Thank you Penny

  3. Thank you. It’s a beautiful message. I need it today.

    Have a great day yourself Penny, always good to stop by in the morning.

  4. I used to do that too Penny – race to the shore on the rainy days – when it’s warm enough – it’s the coolest time to be at the beach. Haven’t been able lately – but maybe soon. Nature is amazingly healing isn’t it?! I find it remarkable at times.. and when I don’t get out (like today) – I can feel the void. Thank you dearest one ~ xo Love your way ~ Robyn

    • Of course you did Robyn! I can see you doing that in fact! Hope the weather clears up soon for you. Have an excellent nights sleep, my dear and special friend and a sunny tomorrow! With much love to you, Penny xo

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