Holding hands for eternity

trees holding hands

“If I could live forever more

I’d be the ocean by the shore.

Or could I have my choice of things

I’d be a bird who can take wing.

Now as I think of all I’d be

I believe it is the mighty tree.

But only if you would agree

stand by my side, hold hands with me,

– Β for all eternity!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


41 thoughts on “Holding hands for eternity

  1. This is lovely my friend,
    the togetherness of the
    trees along with your
    wonderful poetry gives
    the reader a real sense
    of eternity πŸ™‚

    Andro xx

  2. Being a nature gal, I love trees and this photo definitely seems to have captured these two with branches entwined. Beautiful poem Penny.

  3. Oh to be the mighty tree
    I truly wonder what life would be
    And know it would be filled with glee
    If beautiful Penny was there
    Holding hands.. with me!


    This was such a wonderful post my friend ~
    Lots of Love and hugs ~Robyn x

  4. You have an eye for the romantic, this pleases Ste, the thought of love transcending time is wonderful. Such a visual love that seems hidden in plain sight, now I view it as melancholy as well but in a delicious way. Wait, now I see it as something to be aimed for, a yearning or aspiring post. Sometimes you are to versatile and I find I have sat here for a long time seeing new aspects to your words…

  5. This is truly a magnificent photo.. and what a poem… do you get your inspiration from looking at the photo and then writing or the other way round.?

    • Both! Sometimes I have an idea and look for a photo (mine or another person’s) or I take a photograph or see someone else’s (or an illustration, same thing) and go from there. Works both ways Bulldog … πŸ™‚ xx

    • Grrrrrr … just joking (about the grrrrr part). About the hand holding as a tree for eternity part – the nature that lives inside of me thinks it would be most awesome! πŸ™‚

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