Nobody does it better

… than you!


You … the heart of the matter,

and how your feel about yourself! I’m not talking ego, or being selfish or self-centered.

No I’m speaking of SELF WORTH! Many of us struggle with this.

And yet there you are … you amazing you! Can’t you

see how truly wonderful you are? Listen to the following video

and sing along with it … to yourself! Baby you’re the best!

You really are, you know!

It’s time you acknowledged this to yourself,

and reset your “How I feel about me monitor”!

Just inside you is this awesome person

waiting to be found and recognized for the pure value

she/he possesses. But she/he needs

your recognition and beliefΒ before believing it’s true!

So sing these words of praise to you

… for you

And then give yourself the biggest hug you can!

Because nobody does it better,

and it begins to make a difference

when you accept and believe this to be true!


Good, and I’ll keep on believing in you too, with all my heart

until you also know … you’re the best!

You are loved for who you are right now, all the parts and pieces

that make up the you that you are!

Don’t let anyone

ever convince you of anything different – it isn’t true!


~ Penny


28 thoughts on “Nobody does it better

    • Hi Celestine, thank you, dear and special friend of mine! One day at a time, one person at a time (good thing I plan to live to be 125 years old – longevity runs in my family lol) Blessings received with much gratitude, take care of you, stay safe and have an excellent weekend with your family! πŸ™‚ xo

  1. Thank you Penny! One of my favorite songs ~ have Carly’s album on iPod! You are right — Self-Love is the very first place we all need to start. Nobody does it better – soooo true! Love and Hugs ~ x Robyn

  2. A perfect Penny post once again! It is an important message… one that is most difficult to embrace … but a necessary one indeed. Thanks for your wisdom my friend. πŸ˜‰ hugggs xxx

  3. We are always important to our family, even if we are no one we are important to, at least we are important to our heart. We just need to make sure there is a happy place for her =).

    • Thank you Lyn, some days I feel I’m the luckiest person on the planet with those I love who love me in return. And now in the blogging world, my cup overflows with caring, wonderful and loving people exactly like you! I am grateful for your blessings Lyn, love to you my friend! xo

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